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    Default Really Zero Visibility?

    Pardon the newb question but how often is it really zero visibility in a working fire? And if so, is it literally zero visibility, or do the two flashlights I carry (streamlight vantage helmet light, and streamlight knucklehead) help in giving me at least an inch or two of visibility?


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    No, it's not always zero visibility. It depends on the stage of the fire, the size of the fire, ventilation in place, your location within building among other things. Modern fires generate a ton of smoke. Modern construction does not allow for much of it to vent, as buildings are tightly sealed. Ventilation by firefighters needs to be timed properly. There will be times where it is zero. You have to be ready to accept that and operate accordingly. The inch or two you're looking to pick up with flashlights is not all that helpful.

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