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    Default Robotic Vehicles In Confined Space Rescue

    In a confined space rescue, time is critical to the person/people trapped inside in need of rescue, but at the same time, safety to the rescuers is also paramount. Robotics have found their way into EOD operations, search operations for victims of the WTC, so I started thinking how this might be applied in CSR. Robotic vehicles could be made with cameras, multi-sensor gas monitors and two-way radio thus allowing communication with victims. The robotic telemetry provided could give rescuers a big insight on what they are up against and help them prepare properly for the rescuer. A well trained robotic operator could get a great amount of intel in a short amount of time. Your thoughts on this???

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    I think it's just a matter of time before we see this type of thing. Technology marches on. Of course, there is always that little problem with finances.

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