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    Question Kansas FD or Kansas PD?

    Okay, So. I'm currently a Explorer of the OPFD. And i'm trying to decide wether or not after high school i'm going to apply for the Overland Park Fire department or the Fort Scott Police department. (My hometown) Currently i'm leaning more into the fire department. Though i have many friends in both. (Mainly the police department though, All kinds of different Departments ranging from local police, to a Alaska State trooper) but, i'm not sure what to choose. So, i just want a bit of options & opinions. So yeah. Currently i'm a high school student. And i'll be trying to get into the Kansas National Guard in a few years. (Which may turn me more into applying for the Police Department) So, I'd just like to ask what you guys think i should do? Thank you, and have a good day.

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    No one can answer this question for you. You need to get out there and experience both. Do ride alongs with police and fire. I've known some over the years that do both. FD full-time, then PD part-time or full-time with a flexible department. Good luck.

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    There is always departments like the Augusta Department of Public Safety. Street cop 9 months of the year and firefighter the other 3!

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