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    Default Rope Rescue classes

    Simple question, Has anyone been to a Rope class that they felt was a waste of time due to the instructors lack of knowledge or practical skill? Was at one recently and only could think in the back of my mind that I hope to god this person doesn't hurt or kill a person that just doesn't know any better.

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    Can't say that I have. All the classes that I have attended are by Cal State Fire Marshall approved instructors, and they have to go through a long process to become instructors. I can imagine though that there are classes that are ran without proper training or credentials. I suppose you need to do research of the training site prior to signing up.

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    While I won't comment on the quality of training at most State sponsored (or community college) classes, I will say this...

    There are many training vendors that vet instructors for their courses. I am sure I am but one of many vendors that take a gander at these forums offering input and, at times, the selfless company plug...Go to www.technicalrc.net for more information...

    Now that that is out of the way, I would highly recommend taking ropes course from a vendor. I did't realize what I didn't know until I took a rope class from Bruce Smith in the early 90's. It was eye opening and started me on quest to learn as much as I can and teach what I have learned. There is a great guy out of the DC area, and I'd imagine there are reputable groups in the NE mountains.

    With that, I would also choose a topic you want to follow with your rope education. I find guys get board with the same old urban approach to rope rescue. We run the basic rope 1 course but our rope 2 course gets responders working outside the box a bit. We also will be offering some mountain rescue courses this year. My point is there is a lot out there and everyone has their own concept and ideals.


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