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    Default Help finding a video for project


    I am doing a project in school on steel. I want to show the difference between how steel and wood react under fire conditions... I have the wood part I just cannot find anything on steel failing, no case studies nothing. I am looking for the elongation of steel, fracturing, bulging to collapse.

    If anyone has videos that fit the above criteria and are not 9/11 Jet Fuel steel videos it would be a great help!

    The project is due in two weeks so I have some time!

    Thank you for all the help!

    Christopher Derienzo
    Jr. Firefighter
    Park Ridge Volunteer Fire Department
    *Nothing I say or post has to do with my fire department nor do they reflect the department*

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    I doubt you'll find video that clearly shows steel bulging or failing. Not sure where you came up with the "fracture" part. Steel doesn't fracture. Steel fails at very high temperatures, making it impossible to hang around and film it. From a distance it is usually obscured by roof/walls or smoke. You may find pictures of the end result of steel failure or elongation.
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