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    Default Waiting...and questions

    So, long story short, I am very high up on a list here outside of Cleveland. It is truly my dream department and it is the town I currently live in. It doesn't sound like this city goes in order of the list and the top 10 have been certified for appointment meaning the chief and mayor can pick one of the 10 for the position currently open. There will also be another position opening in January. If I do not get selected for the first opening what are the chances of getting selected for the second? (Yes, one of 10 I can realize that). I've never had to deal with this part of a process and the 10:1 thing is new to me. I have had an interview with the Chief, Asst Chief and a Captain. All three seemed to be interested in me and it seemed to go well, granted interviews are always hard to gauge. Anyone had experience with this process? I don't plan on calling or emailing or visiting the station. I am just sitting back and waiting but I thought someone might have some insight.

    If you want to PM me, I'd be more than willing to explain more. Just didn't want to put it all out there for everyone to see...well I kind of did but not specific.
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    your chances are the same as they are now

    yes some cities work that way. they have a list and can hire any of say the top five or whatever number

    best advice do not limit testing to desired departments, test anywhere and everywhere

    come on town to texas with paramedic your competition goes way down!!!

    check weekly:


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