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    Default How many calls is your department running yearly?

    Hey guys, another thread on here about challenges in the volunteer fire service face made me think of this question. Quite a few people mentioned that a big problem in their department is a lack of calls.

    So I'd like to know- How many calls does your department get?

    If your department runs medical please break it down in the following format-

    I'll go first

    Fires/MVAs/etc- 100 or less
    Medical- 0

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    Rounding up or down for good measure:

    Volunteer agency:
    Medicals - 275 (first responder only, no transport)
    Everything else - 300

    Medicals - 31,000
    Everything else - 10,000
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    I'm on two departments. One is 3.9 miles from my house; the other 6 blocks from my office. Neither runs any EMS. (Thank God)

    Home: <100
    Office: <400

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    We run 140-170 per year with around 30 EMS (assists; we don't transport). Roughly 15-20 structure fires, 40-50 MVC's, and quite a few helicopter landings.
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    Think we are currently sitting at 298. No EMS, that is handled by separate agency and they average about 1500 runs a year.
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