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    Question What does your house have for Line Officer structure? and for upcoming officers?

    Currently looking at proposing a restructuring of our line officers. Unfortunately it is plagued with issues.

    I wanted to propose bringing people that are showing signs of waiting to learn how to be an officer and progressing, bumping them to a sargaent rank and even have the granularity of engine sergeant truck sergeant and so forth. I need to come up with something in writing and I have been goggling department's bylaws' but haven't found any that have that structure. I am open to suggestions or if you can point me where to look that would be very helpful.

    Also, with that structure comes duties - what are the duties of the sergeants. Thanks in advance.

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    The line officers you would have for your FD, would be on how you are set up.

    Obviously, you would have a Fire Chief and Training Officer. After that, it would depend on how you are setup for its operations, rig assignments, stations, etc. to ensure command is carried out.

    Examples are having a Rescue rig. You may want a Rescue Captain, LT, SGT, etc.. Usually, whoever is an officer on a Rescue unit, has in depth rescue training and experience.

    Another example would be, if you have multiple stations. You may have one station captain for each station.

    Your officers are setup on how you operate. Each FD can be different.

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    What you're proposing sounds reasonable. Assuming you have an established line of command now, you'd just be adding sergeant at the bottom. I'm assuming that you have enough members such that with a captain, LT, and SGT for each company you've still got lots of "Indians". For some small departments, that would eventually mean that everyone was wearing officer's brass...

    My question is one of responsibilities - what responsibilities (and authority) would a sergeant have in your organization? For that matter, is that spelled out for all of your officers? And qualifications - beyond the routine firefighter stuff, what would you see as prior training requirements for sergeants?

    We once had a member suggest that if we gave a certain member a title, they'll do more. I figure that if they want the title, they should do more so as to earn it. Sounds like you have some that who are already putting in the extra effort and interest. Great!

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