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    Default FH inspector

    How many use this? We use Firehouse but are looking for a mobile inspection program. Like to talk to departments who use it and see what they like or dislike about it.

    Also if you use something different please let me know. Just in the early stages of researching this.


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    several depts around us use it

    good reports and bad reports

    Have not used it, but hear

    you have to develop your own code violations

    you can either be tied to your cities computers via wi fi or down load when you get back

    I do not like you either email violations or print in car or at office. I like paper copy.

    you cannot get a call in the field to go do something, it has to be scheduled before you leave.

    violations are on a list, so hard to write what is not on the list


    have not heard of many better programs, and especailly if your dept is already using firehouse

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    I am an inspector in a jurisdiction that uses the FH Inspection app for ipads. I use it daily. Though I like it immensely over paper inspections, it does have its drawbacks, but it's still light years ahead of paper inspections. Anytime we find a flaw or think of a way which could make it work better, we communicate with the software provider and they are receptive to our suggestions.

    I'm not 100% sure if I am getting the terms right here, but you can use an internal-based storage system (sync the FH app daily to upload to your server) or it can also be cloud-based (we are going to be moving over to this shortly.)

    You pick the violations to be listed in your inspection criteria, we have 50 specific items that we inspect for. Some we can use for multiple things (example- I often use "Hazardous Materials use in compliance" (IFC 2701) to cite "gasoline being stored in an unapproved container" as we do not have that specific citation from the IFC as one of our 50 criterion.

    I especially like the fact that you can use the ipad camera to attach photos to the specific violations- I often will snap photos of blocked exits or blocked pull stations, alarm panels with "trouble" points showing, etc etc etc.

    We do un-announced inspections. Property owners get a letter every year based on their inspection cycle reminding them that we'll be coming around sometime in the next year. We show up, do the inspection, and the occupant signs using a stylus. We then email it to both the occupant and to an email back at the office that is specifically for inspection documents. The building occupant, owner, tenant or whoever has a copy of the inspection, with a reinspection date even before you leave the premises.
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