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    Default New Backboard Protocols


    Our county has recently changed protocols to nearly eliminate the use of backboards for spinal immobilization. basically unless there is paralysis, you can use a c-collar and no longer have to use the longback board. and if you do, you can log roll onto stretcher. I sware, I'm trying to teach people that the earth is round, not flat like we once believed. I get it though, we've been taught this since the beginning and change = fear...even if it is based on research.....Our county, Let alone state, lacks in innovation and being on the 'cutting edge'. My question is (and i'm going to double post in the EMS forums because I need a lot of information quick so I apologize) who has gone to this new protocol and what is your county/state?
    Thank you very much for your time.

    If anybody has any articles / research or information that could help ease the fears of these people, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    nothing new there. This has been an ongoing effort for over a decade.

    Many areas have been using a selective spinal immobilization protocol for 10 - 15 years.
    This originated with the wilderness medicine folks and spread from there, Then came the NEXUS study which showed with the proper training and following the protocol algorithm EMS providers had a very high rate of determination on when to immobilize or not. There have been a couple studies in recent years that have expanded on those results which have lead us to the point where if the pt clears the algorithm they don't get boarded.

    google selective spinal immobilization.

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    We have had C-Spine clearance protocols in place for years but just recently have all but eliminated backboarding except for rare circumstances. Its amazing.

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