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Thread: Roberts rules of order question

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    Default Roberts rules of order question

    Just curious if anyone knows about the particulars of roberts rules. Do they state anything regarding a conflict if someone holds a high position in both firematics and the business side? More specifically can someone hold an assistant chief's position and be the company president? If someone can reference the specific section of Roberts Rules it would be appreciated.

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    more of a sop or legal thing or company policy

    are you saying the asst chief also works as a company president??

    Is the asst chief in a volunteer or paid??

    Does the asst chief take care of budget or buying things?

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    Default Re: Persons serving in multiple positions within an organization.

    As a quick answer to your question, while it would seem to be a possible conflict of interest for someone to serve in more than one capacity - particularly if one has any authority or influence over decisions concerning the other such as monetary remuneration (pay) or benefits - such issues are best addressed in the organization's articles of organization,constitution and by-laws which must comply with state law and, possibly, federal regulations if the group is a non-profit. Also, in many organizations the President has no vote, except in order to break a tie vote. Further, it may be possible to avoid any conflict of interest should the parties in conflict be given the opportunity to recuse themselves from any vote in which a conflict arises. Again this is best laid out in the articles of organization, constitution and/or by-laws. Check your groups documentation, and if there are not specific prohibitions against such multiple positions or a mechanism to limit the possible conflict, raise the issue in the manner prescribed in the documents to amend them.
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    Robert's Rules only apply to the conduct of meetings--making motions, conducting votes, etc. They don't get into the specifics of different types of entities.
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    Already answered before me and thank you. I think Roberts Rules Of Odor only applies to how public specific meetings should be run. Not always how they end up being run. Conflict of interest will always be with us. The important thing is to recognize such and be able to work through it. Just me. HB of CJ (old coot)

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