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    Hey guys.. Interviewing for a job next week. I have to provide 3 personal references. What exactly do departments look for in those? Ive been working multiple jobs and in school for 3 years. I literally have been married to work, and school for the whole time. Im not a social introvert. Ive just had horse blinders on for a while. Who do I put down that isn't family or a professional reference?

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    Very good thank you for not putting your girlfriend

    Nothing wrong with someone older that has known you for a long time and has had dealings with you

    Someone in authority , someone who does hiring and firing

    Hate to say have not had someone give a reference , that talked bad about the candidate !
    also make sure you have good phone numbers, and if they need to be contacted a certain times
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    For my references, I've put people who i have seen as 'Mentors' throughout my life. If you have a particular teacher who has really helped you out and you have connected with, ask them if you can put them as a reference. If there is a good co worker who knows and can vouch for your work habits, ask them as well.

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    We really don't pay a great deal of attention to your references. We know that you're going to prep anyone who you put down. Personally I like to see non-fire folks as references. It shows a good balance.
    Paul Lepore
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