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Thread: Active Duty Buy Back

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    Default Active Duty Buy Back

    Ok, I saw a posting for a civilian firefighter position with the Army. Knowing you have to be younger then 37 at the time you apply, I was told if you have active duty time that it would count towads any federal time. So since I'm past the age cut off, my active duty time would make me eligable for the positon. For those who actually know, how hard is it to get a waiver for this? My friend who is a civilian firefighter with NDW, said he has only seen one person actually get a waiver for this.

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    It is true that your military time can be added towards your Fed time, but it is added in addition to your 20 years of firefighter retirement (so 4 years military + 20 years FF you could retire with 24 years), it does not normally add to your firefighter retirement (still need 20 years of that).

    There are ways for veterans to get around the maximum entry age, but I'm not really sure how that works. I've not met anyone who has successfully done it. I do know we can no longer automatically bypass a veteran based on their being 37 or older.

    You are probably best off talking to somebody at OPM who actually knows if you qualify for any exemptions, and how you can apply for them.

    Another option if you have firefighter experience would be to find a secondary retirement position which does not have the age restriction. Maybe something in inspection or prevention.
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