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    Default Looking for Contract Jobs

    Hey everyone,
    I'm currently a firefighter for Auburn, Alabama and have been here about 2 years. Before that I went through training with Austin Fire Dept in Texas (private academy, overseen by AFD) which went on for another 2 years. I now have FF I & II, Haz-Mat A/O, EMT-B, ARFF, and State of Alabama RIT (it's not IFSAC or ProBoard). I've been looking for contract jobs for a while, and have recently got around to start applying. Most through PAE and one recent one through KBR. I'm also working on getting to a telecommunicator class for some of the Trailboss contracts.

    Anyway I know this can be a pretty competitive position and though I know one of the major influences on applications is experience, I was wondering what else I can do to make my application/resume appeal more to the hiring manager. Also, when I went to my ARFF class I met a guy that had been working in Taji, Iraq for a few years and said that most of the recruiters over there don't even hardly look online as they usually can just go to guys who have been doing it for a while or people they know.

    Any and all info would be appreciated; I've wanted to do this for a while and am trying to do everything I can to get the opportunity.


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    If you read through the thread posts, there is aot of info,

    Seems like the work load is on the decline

    If you want to work in texas check this weekly::


    and one of interest now:::


    Your problem is you are going against air force firefighters that have been in the trucks. A little hard to get airport experience with out being hired.

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