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    Default Anyone switch Depts?

    Curious about those who left their first career jobs to work elsewhere. Whether it was for greener pastures, big city dreams or any other reason, how'd the transition go? I like where I'm at now, but like many, I still have the desire to get into a certain city. Anything you would do differently looking back, any advice for those debating of testing elsewhere? Feel free to message me if you don't want to put it up here. Thanks.

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    question has been asked, do a search

    How old are you

    how long have you been where you are at

    You can always test and if offered a job, turn it down!!!!

    Sometimes change is good, just a lot harder to do it in the fire dept. and sometimes it is better to leave sooner than later

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    Thanks. I was poking around, but I must not have been using the right search criteria.

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