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    Default Medical O2 and fires

    I am hoping for some input. I am putting together a presentation for a HAZMAT convention on the subject of fires that involve medical O2. I am curious if any individuals have:
    1. Received HAZMAT specific training in regards to the O2 cylinders on your apparatus
    2. Have responded to fires involving Medical O2 cylinders
    3. Have any department specific procedures for responding to fires or emergencies knowing that you might have O2 cylinders on site,
    and finally,
    4. Does any department/community have a tracking method of home medical O2 users so a respionfing unit might have a heads up?

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    2. yes

    3. yes/no, treat as with any other compressed cylinder, plus there are also the o2 generators

    4. no


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