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    Default being called back after an interview in Massachusetts..

    So ill first explain my situation and I am looking for honest opinions.
    2 years ago I interviewed with a civil service fire department in north eastern Massachusetts. They were hiring 3 at the time and I thought for sure I was in because I was called back for my background stuff,which all checked out good/clean. I was not called back after that for whatever reason,kept in contact with the chief who was very positive towards me and I just continued to wait. With a new civil service list out and within great standings on the residency list,I am waiting for another card to hopefully try again. If I do receive another interview card for another chance at employment do you think my chances are better,the same or worse? I look at myself as being a very strong candidate with a great resume for the fire service/EMS. Any opinions or feedback would be greatly appreciated .
    And I hear word they will be hiring another within a couple months.

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    I consider getting hired a matter of luck sometimes.

    A lot of variables involved.

    Would say depends how many they are hiring and how many they call in for an interview.

    Are you on a dept now paid or volunteer ?

    Have you been testing anywhere else,

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    I'd say the most important thing is, what have you done since you interviewed to make yourself a better candidate ?

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