Hi everyone,

I wrote here before but didn't get too many answers, and after reading a lot in many webs about the "ideal" candidate, I get an idea of what to do/get.

I'm wondering if there's any "extra" or special certificates needed for Denver. Or even if it's not a requirement, something that would make them look at me with better eyes.

I'm from Spain, and I know about those extra points you get for being bilingual, which makes me really happy honestly.

I'm getting my EMT, which will take me a while since I work too many hours during the week, so I study when I don't sleep pretty much. I found an OSHA training web, with HAZMAT online courses (awareness, operations and technician).

So right now, what I'd offer in the future would be : NREMT, bilingual and those HAZMAT courses completed. I work construction and I have OSHA 10 and 30, but I guess it doesn't help much.

Should I get FF1 in one of those online training places?

Thanks for your help and advice.