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    So, what would you do if this boat arrived in this position on fire?

    It came ashore this morning and we were dispatched around 5:15 during rough seas. 3 crew on board, no injuries, no hazards, just a boat on the beach.

    Picture was taken from closest street end, about 200 feet from the boat. Was nothing for us to after checking with the crew so we released and Coast Guard stayed on location. But it brought up some discussions and "what ifs".

    Let's pretend an engine fire occurred and that's the reason the boat beached. The wind is strong coming off the ocean. The boat is being rocked by the waves. How you going to attack it and get the crew off safely.

    PS #1 - if you don't know fishing crews and their possessiveness of their boats, you don't know how hard it will be to get them to leave the boat. This one beached and the crew remained on the boat the entire time and most of the day after. Simply being on fire will not get them off.

    PS #2 - This boat did not catch on fire. The reason for it's beaching has not been released and I don't know the reason, nor am I implying a reason. Just using the picture as a reference.

    Ok, lets start some ideas.
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    Boats are interesting animals. In your example above, access would be a real problem, just reaching he top deck using ground ladders would be tough if the boat is not hard on the bottom? Which way is the tide, coming or going? This could make things better and/or worse. Getting below deck is often tight, one way in/out, very limited ventilation other than the path of ingress. And once you start flowing water you can easily upset the balance of the boat, especially when it's hard aground. We'd likely attempt a foam operation to flood the below deck area. Chances are the boat will suffer major damage and if everyone's off, the benefits are likely quickly outweighed by the risks. Fisherman tough to convince of another course of action? Say it isn't so, nothing like being on a boat for week to ensure all rational thought is out the window. If you're lucky you can set a case of beer nearby and they'll be drawn to it like a magnet.
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