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    Default FDNY Apparatus Status?

    REF: FDNY trucks.

    captsanm1.....Thanks for your reaction, but, I'm insulted by your attitude !!! I have eleven years experience as a fire fighter, and a member of the IAFF. I fully understand the magnitude of the situation and the loss of our brothers and sisters. My heart and prayers go out to them and their families. If and when a a memorial service is arranged......I will be there. My question was just a genuine general topic question, as I have seen little information reference to the status of FDNY fire apparatus. If any one has any information please advise.

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    Like you, I am also interested in the staus of FDNY's apparatus.
    I have heard through the grapevine that between 30 and 50 rigs were destroyed. So far, I have not seen an inventory.
    I think that after reading the lists of confirmed line of duty deaths and missing personnel, those involved with the fire service would think about the apparatus. It's all part of the same process.

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    I am still more/only concerned about our brothers and sisters and the losses suffered by their families.

    Watch the TV...you can see all the mangled and smashed apparatus you want...some of which our brothers were crushed to death in. I have seen all I need to know... anything that was there is no more!

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    Along these lines, the AKRON BEACON JOURNAL newspaper has set about on a unique fundraiser to aid New York City. They are raising money to buy a new fire engine to replace one of the many destroyed in New York. Their pitch is that this will be an object that Akron area citizens can actually see where their money went to good use.

    It is an interesting concept... but I don't see where it does much to aid our lost brothers and sisters.
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    According to reports from one of our dealers on Long Island, there were upwards of 100 rigs either destroyed or severly damaged. This number includes Engines, Squads,Trucks, Command Vehicles, Haz-Mat units, and Ambulances.

    How accurate it is I do not know but that is what was passed on to me last Friday.

    It is a great loss to our Country that hundreds of our firefighters have had their life cut short by terrorists.

    Our prayers are with All!
    Kirk Allen
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