Are you saying that all Islamic people are to blmae? Because they are not. It is just a select few that are causing the problem and it should not effect the other Islamic people inside and outside this country of AMERICA. And remember that all of our ancestors were imagrants as well.


Just remember something, I myself don't blame the Islamic people, just the harboring of them. Most Islamic people in the country our true americans.but how many are sleepers being our friends and waiting for the call from ALA. We are faced with a very real and new threat. We accept people from countries that are known for hating America, not that all are this way but...... we have to be careful. The people and I use this term PEOPLE with the most freedom I can, are out to destroy America and yet Live in the capitalist society, live to the fullest with pools, with big houses and money from extremist and freedom they never were used too, but Americans are the head of the devil.... Well, the head is about to strike back with vengeance. I'm reminded of what Yamato said after the attack on pearl harbor, "We have just woken a sleeping dragon", the countries that provide refugee to these extremist, be warned that the US is angry and united all I have to say is "sleep with one eye open, the American people are about to seek vengeance upon you for 5,000 deaths with the greatest amount of malice possible"