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    Speedi120 Guest

    Lightbulb How about some laughs?????

    How about we lighten up and laugh for a little while?

    I want stories.......tell me about the funniest call you have ever been on.

    For instance.......I didn't know that some depts. still rescue cats. How about cocker spaniels, if I throw mine up a tree will the fire department get her down? (just joking, no hate mail, I love my crazy mutt)

    I didn't know that people call 911 for spiders in their pillows.

    And I didn't know that as a fire truck goes around a corner, the nozzle could fall off, get hooked onto something, and the hose come off the truck.

    Let's all have some laughs...

    What do you say?

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    eCappy Guest


    Back in the 60s and 70s I belonged to a small 2 engine 1 truck volunteer fire department, and for two years our chief was Billy "Big Butt" Johnson; a swell guy, and a great chief who had a big, no ... make that an enormous butt, and he was very sensitive about his nickname.

    One morning we had a truck fire on the street right in front of his house. Big Butt had already gone to work and missed the fire. We put it out, returned to quarters, and I stayed behind to do the paperwork. The firehouse phone rang, so I answered it, and it was Big Butt calling to see what had happened.

    He said, "I heard the sirens. What did you guys have?"

    I said, "Truck fire in front of Big Butt's house."

    "Big Butt's house?" he asked, "Big Butt? Did you say BIG BUTT! Hey, do you know who this is? Huh? DO YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS??"

    I said, "Do you know who this is?"

    He said, "NO."

    I said, "Good bye Big Butt!" and hung up.

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    wrongWAY Guest


    A few years ago we had a kitchen fire in a large local hotel. The evacuation of the guests on the upper floors was going well, but the guests attending parties in two banquet rooms weren't very cooperative. They kept going in and out, and in and out through the lobby. We kept telling them to get out and stay out, but the same people kept going in and out, and in and out. We started to lose our cool - but then we found out it was a convention for TWINS.

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    RANGERXX Guest



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    Break-N-Entry Guest

    Red face

    Before becoming an officer I was assigned to Central Fire Headquarters for several years. All the surrounding companies had to come by us for fuel and gas. One red hot broiling summer afternoon in 1975 the Fire Chief wanted someone to gas up his 3 year old 1972 Ford Custom 500 Chief's car and check his oil. No one wanted to leave the ice cold air conditioned day room so everyone claimed they were too busy. The Chief came out of his office and went to do it himself. After a few minutes he came in all sweated up and asked for two quarts of oil. A few minutes later we were banged out for a car fire out on the interstate highway. As we pulled out of quarters we could see the Chief hurrying to add the oil. Just as we got on the interstate the Chief pulled up along side of our engine and sped off to get ahead. Just then the hood of the Chief's car blew open and folded back across his windshield. That's how he got the new 1975 Chief's car.

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    Speedi120 Guest


    those are great.....keep them coming....surely there are some more stories to tell...COME ON give'em up.

    Where is IWood, JMP, Woodman, CFD, Quint? Come on it's been a rough week how about making me laugh.

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    NCFiremedic Guest


    Without going into too much detail let me just say this. If you ever go to a reported fire at a dog kennel make sure the hydrant you wrap is a REAL hydrant.

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    jj1967 Guest


    About ten years ago my dad and I were sitting in the station waiting for couple of guys to show up to go play golf. Got a call for a bathroom fire. In 35 years, dad had never seen a bathroom fire. Pulled up, nothing showing. Entered the bathroom and found a gentleman face down on the floor, pants around his ankles, and second degree burns to his buttocks, and ahem...delicate male appendages. Seems his wife cleaned the toilet with a lighter than water flammable cleaner. He sat down with his Sunday sports section, lit a cigarette, and dropped the still lit match. FLASH. Was hard not to laugh at the poor guy, but the surgeon general does warn smoking may be hazardous to your health.

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    jj1967 Guest

    Red face

    Also got a great rescue call once involving a young lady and a semi frozen Armour Hotdog, but unfortunately its a little risque for this board. Use your imagination. Poor woman lives down the street from the station, hard not to laugh every time I see her.

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    Speedi120 Guest


    JJ, is that bathroom story true? I think I have heard that one before.

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    jj1967 Guest

    Thumbs up

    That bathroom story is very much true. I did post it here before in one of those humorous dispatch threads. The hot dog story is a great one too, but I think I'd get banned for life if I told it.

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    Speedi120 Guest


    lol well jj, you know, that makes us wanna hear it even more. maybe you should start an email list.

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    pyroknight Guest


    Strangest bathroom call I ever went on was the lady who proved you CAN get your toe stuck up the tub spout. Probably not something she tried again.

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    jj1967 Guest


    If you really want to know the whole story send me your e-mail address. With a disclaimer. About not holding me responsible for the content. LOL

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    Speedi120 Guest


    lol, ok JJ, mail is on the way.

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    Wally57fire Guest


    About 2 weeks before i joined my department our company got called out for mutual aid on a house fire. The main engine out of station 1 rolled with a 5 man crew and the are heading up the highway and about 1 mile from the station the look back and all the 5 inch was laied on the highway right down the center of the lane. I still hear about that one the claim it was the best 5 inch drop they ever made but it was in the wrong sopt. ( the reason was someone didnt strap the bungee cord down that holds it in)

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    fjbfour Guest


    Since you're looking... and discussing a list:

    Check out the Emergency Services Humor List. Details can be found at or at my Fire Department's page shown below in my signature. Posts go out Mondays and Thursdays.

    Frank Billington, #11
    Town of Superior Fire Online
    Opinions expressed here are not necessarily that of Town of Superior Fire.

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    eCappy Guest


    These incidents didn't happen at a fire or drill, but are related to the fire service.

    When I was a kid back in the 50s my friends and I would always have a real good time Halloween night throwing rotten eggs at each other. We never even thought to start fires or pull false alarms, but we did like to knock over outhouses. Knocking the firehouse outhouse over was a big challenge. It was a big heavy "three holer" and the area had no cover, no bushes to hide in, and sometimes a fireman would even stand guard. One Halloween night we heard the fire whistles and thought we had a golden opportunity to knock it over while the firemen were away at their call. We ran to the firehouse, looked around, and saw that our coast was clear. 5 maybe 6 of us ran up to knock it over, but the firemen were expecting us. They had pulled it away from over the hole in the ground. Instead of knocking their outhouse over we all went straight down the hole. (We all got even with them by joining up a few years later).

    The first truck I served on was a 75 foot all wood ladder truck built in the 40s. It was a beauty. We had to pull pins and rotate the turntable by hand, it had big springs to help us elevate it, and a big brass ships wheel controlled extension. It saw years of action, but I remember one funny incident it was involved in. One afternoon the Mayor wanted us to use the ladder truck to put a big brass eagle he obtained on top of the flag pole at town hall. We pulled up and naturally a crowd soon assembled. Our Mayor never passed up a chance to be a big shot, and seeing the crowd he quickly climbed the ladder with the eagle in hand. Just as he got to the top of the ladder a crow began attacking him. The Mayor, screaming, yelling, and calling the crow every curse word in the book tried swatting it away - but not before the crow grabbed his toupee and flew away.

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    Speedi120 Guest


    LOL, That was funny Cappy, that is one scene I would like to see......flying toupee...that's just to funny.

    Thanks for the link fj.

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    WOODMAN Guest


    Ok Speedi here we go,I was sitting home on Sunday afternoon getting ready to go on vacation and the chief calls and asked me to
    round up a few guys and get to the mayor's
    house to his dog off his roof seems the dog chased a cat and got stuck.We get there raise the ladder to the roof I figure no sweat be home in ten minutes grap the dog and the dog bites me in the arm,I jump up forgetting that I am on a roof causing me to slide off the roof into a tree breaking branches on the way down landing in a heap on the ground breaking my collar bone.Since then they don't let me go after animals, missed my vacation and the dog came down by himself after every one stop laughing at me.

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    eCappy Guest


    Can I tell one more?

    Animals can really give firefighters a headache .....

    One night a woman calls the police and says that there are weird noises in her attic. The police arrive and they determine that there is a bat, maybe two in her attic. The police call the dog catcher; but he says he was hired to only catch dogs and hangs up, so the fire department gets called out. We arrive and our Chief decides that one of us will volunteer to go up and catch it with a net the homeowner has out by her pool. The Chief wants the volunteer he picked (a guy we call "Tiny" 6'4" 285 pounds) to gear up and to wear an SCBA mask for extra protection. The lady says that there's no attic floor, just floor joists, and warns us to be carefull. By now there's 10-12 firefighters in the house, 3-4 police officers, 2 EMS workers, and at least 3-4 neighbors. Up goes Tiny armed with a flashlight and a pool net. It's quiet, real quiet; maybe too quiet - all we hear are the floor joists squeaking. Everyone's looking up at the ceiling following Tiny's squeaks. All of a sudden Tiny lets out a scream, stumbles, and comes crashing through the ceiling. Three maybe four small bats fly out the hole and begin to swarm around the room. Everybody, and I mean everybody, all 20-25 of us, myself included, let out yells, and head for the stairs to get outside. What a logjam. What a bunch of chickens! Tiny was OK, but the pool net wasn't.

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    Speedi120 Guest


    Cappy, there isn't many telling stories, so tell me as many as you like. You don't have a video tape of that do you?

    So let me get this straight. If I throw my dog up a tree, and she stays there, I can call 911 and get lots of firemen to come visit me?

    It amazes me that people call you guys out for this stuff.

    I have been told that some departments refuse to do the cats in the tree calls. Guess it depends on the departments.

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    WOODMAN Guest


    We just use a 1-3/4 line on cats sends into the next yard in a hurry,just kidding we will
    response to just about anything.


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    WOODMAN Guest


    Cappy just where to you work? we never had bats but we did chase a goat and a pig down the street on night that got away from the police station.

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