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    i carry a lot of stuff, i guess i can handle it........ who wants to be running back and forth for things that are very easy to stick in your bunker gear pockets or on a rubberband on you lid. Makes no sense to me why people would complain about the weight. For example say you got called to a unknown type of call say a 911 hangup in a highrise say 10 stories and the call turned out to be a stabbing...........would you wana run back down to the rig for ems gloves or just pull them outa your pocket......think about it.

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    Default Less is more

    I'm very big into the concept of less is more. Never carry anything in your gear that you don't have a definite practical application for.

    Helmet: 1 Door chock...I used to carry a helmet light too but i thought to myself...if I have my hand light on me then why do i need that little thing.

    All I carry in my jacket:
    Fire Fighting Gloves
    Folding Spanner
    Wire Cutters

    20' of webbing in a water knot
    Bail out Rope

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