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    Captain Gonzo Guest


    My department uses clear text...remember KISS.....everyone knows what is being said, and in mutual aid situations one can communicate and understand with the neighboring departments.

    We only use one code number...code 13, which means the rig is out of service for mechanical problem.

    The fire buff paging network I belong to (East Coast Paging Systems)uses 10-45 to indicate an injury or fatality.
    10-45C1 is a fatality, 10-45C2 is major injury, 10-45C3 is a minor injury. The do use some abbreviations, the code is given on their website and when you receive your pager.

    Firefighters: Today's heroes protecting our tomorrows....
    Captain Gonzo

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    ChiefJTL Guest


    I was visiting a friend in a small department down south and after the call was through the radio blurted out - "Engine 1 is 10-98, 10-8, 10-76 to Station 1". On the other hand, my good friend from Providence is apt to say "Engine 3 is in quarters and off the air-Engine 3" Repeating the number. There are a million ways but I hate 10 Codes.

    "Stay in the House"

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    BucksEng91 Guest


    No 10-codes in Bucks County, PA. I think, like many here, that they would seriously hinder operations in mutual-aid situations (we're right on the border with Montgomery County, PA). Plain English is simpler, and everyone knows what it means. Remember, the purpose is to communicate the message, not to sound cool.

    In Bucks, apparatus are numbered by station. Engine 91, Ladder 90, and so forth. Nice and simple.

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    OFDLUIT33 Guest


    In my area there are several different systems used. I live in St. Clair county and all departments on the 154.190 frequency(although some of us have our own channel) were issued numbers 0- I belive 519. Each department has ten numbers to use( IE..0-9)
    My department is 0 - 9 and every one tries to keep like equiptment with like numbers. For example most areial apparatus is 9 like 9 or 29 or 259. most squads are 0's. Just across the river St. louis county uses 4 digit codes like 5721 57 is the municipality 2 is engine house and 1 is the truck number.

    The views here are mine and do not reflect that of my department or any of it's members.

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    FireFJayT Guest


    Plain english ....... simple and effective.

    "No matter what rank I have attained, I am, at heart, a Firefighter First"

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    BTFD11-19 Guest


    we don't use 10 codes either. ours trucks are number engine 11, engine 11-1, ladder 11, field 11, marine 11, and marine 11-1. we are station 11. station 14's trucks are engine 14, engine 14-1, and tower 14. i think it is the easiest way to number trucks. this job is hard enough.

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    MBrewer Guest


    Dane County, Madison Wisconsin went to plain language in our radio protocols a few years ago. I think it's made for a lot less confusion for both dispatch and field personell. Using the terms enroute, on-location, returning etc.

    All our equipment is numbered using the communitiy name in the callsign. Oregon engine 3, Middleton Ladder 4, Monona Squad 5 etc...Fire officers are identified simply using the department name and a number. Middleton Fire 1 is the chief, Middleton Fire 2 is the asst chief. Captains/Lt's are assgned fire 3, fire 4 and so on. All departments in the county are dispatched by a central communications center so, including the community name was essential to clear and safe communications.

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    Chris Deyerle Guest


    At our station which is station 6 we have 606 (pumper) 603 (pumper) 611 (Tanker) 612 (Tanker) 620 (Brush Truck) 625 (Rescue) 630 (Command) and 635 (Service Truck). This is what we use to call en-route and etc. A far as 10-codes we really don't use them. The one that we do use is 10-4. Wetumpka Fire Department uses 10-codes. I my self use 10-4 10-25 and 10-23. That is because I know most of the 10-codes in Elmore County

    Chris Deyerle

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    Chris Deyerle Guest


    At our station which is station 6 we have 606 (pumper) 603 (pumper) 611 (Tanker) 612 (Tanker) 620 (Brush Truck) 625 (Rescue) 630 (Command) and 635 (Service Truck). This is what we use to call en-route and etc. A far as 10-codes we really don't use them. The one that we do use is 10-4. Wetumpka Fire Department uses 10-codes. I my self use 10-4 10-25 10-84 10-70 and 10-23. That is because I know most of the 10-codes in Elmore County

    Chris Deyerle

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    Tentruck Guest


    The Russians aren't listening anymore. Call it what it is. Engine, Truck, Squad, Ladder, Pumper, Wagon, Whatever

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    firecadetak Guest


    We have five station, each have there own name, but also use the numbering system, ie. Station 1, Station 2, etc.

    Each station's officers and apparatus start with the number of the station:

    Station 1 - Engine 11, Engine 13, Truck 12, Utility 11, Medic 1.
    - Chief - 101,
    Asst. Chief - 102, Capts - 103, 104, 105
    Lts. - 106, 107, 108
    Station 2 - Engine 21, Engine 23, Rescue 21
    - Chief - 201
    - Asst. Chief - 202
    - Capts.- 203, 204 - Lt. 205, 206
    Station 3 - Engine 31, Engine 33, Truck 32, Utility 31
    - Chief - 301
    - Asst, Chief - 302
    - Capts.- 303, 304, 305
    - Lts. - 306, 307, 308
    Station 4 - Engine 41, Engine 42, Utility 41
    - Chief - 401
    - Asst. Chief - 402
    - Capts. 403, 404, 405, 407
    - Lt. - 406
    - Engineers - 421, 422, 423, 424
    Station 5 - Engine 51, Tanker 52
    - Engineer - 521

    Of course there are exceptions, like our ambulances - Medic 1&3 @ Station 1
    - Medic 2&4 @ Station 3

    Coordinating Fire Chief - Fire 1
    Division Chiefs - Fire 2 and Fire 3
    Fire Marshal - Fire 4
    Fire Training Officer- Fire 5
    EMS Training Officer - Medic 5

    As for 10 codes- we don't use them, except for 10-4, which we aren't even supposed to use.

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    FitzBFDT2 Guest

    Thumbs up

    Clear text is the proper, safest and most efective method of communicating with each other.

    10 codes vary from municipality to municipality.What good is it to have 10 codes if when you call mutual aid, you have to use clear text because the other town does not know your system.

    All these county and station #'s are just blowing my mind. Why not Engine 1,2,3..., Ladder 1,2,3..., Battalion 1,2,3...,etc? If you go on mutual aid, use your munipality name before your company #. For example, Bayonne Engine 7 to Jersey City Fire Dispatch or Bayonne Ladder 3 to Newark Fire Dispatch


    Kevin M. Fitzhenry,
    Firefighter, Truck Co. 2
    City of Bayonne (NJ) FD

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    Fire29_1999 Guest


    I could be confused very easy from any of the posts I have read here concerning numbering and 10-codes, but that could be because I am from Montana. We for the most part don't use 10-codes, their are times when you don't want the folks in scanner land to have to hear what you might be dealing with like a bad 10-58 (fatality mva)but we are dispatched by the city PD so if we do use a 10-code they should know what we mean. Also it seems that we either have too small a dept. or the other local depts. and us have found an easy way to get the right equipment to whatever we are sent to, when we are needed we decide what will be sent,example="Whitefish fire have a report of a one car rollover." We would than respond to dispatch by saying "Whitefish Rescue 22 or Ambulance 18 responding to _____ " the other local city or county depts.would do the same if responding to mutual aid, they would call "Whitfish IC Columbia Falls eng 4 responding, where do you want us." and our appearatice is numbered consecutivly starting at eng.16 and eng. 17 than amb.18 to 21 than rescue 22 and eng.23 and 24.
    stay safe

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    FM593 Guest


    As of right now my County uses 3 different ways to talk on the radio. For Ex. for Chiefs(1255, 88-5 and Chief 33). A couple of years ago the County tried to get every Company to switch to plain speak since we implemented the Incident Command System. Of course not every Company switched and the County had no "B---S" to make them, and now this is where we are left. "CONFUSION"!!!!
    We are not speaking in codes right now, so why do it in the fire service when their is so much confusion to begin with.
    Most of the people who like codes are either Wackers who want to be like FDNY or have been in the Fire Service since Buckets were used.
    Like My Friend said "THE RUSSIANS AREN"T LISTENING ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!

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    snowmankw77 Guest


    Personally I have used both 10 codes and verbal. And i think it is much easier to do verbal. The station that i run with in Pittsburgh while i am going to college used 10 codes and it is really difficult to use. But back home we just use verbal and the communication between Garrett Central and us is easy to understand on both sides.

    Matt Briskey
    Eastern Garrett County
    Station 80

    "What's in it for me?

    Hard Work
    Possible Death
    A deep and abiding feeling of personal satisfaction found in few aspects of life"

    "Nobody ever called the fire department when they did something smart!!"

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    Sparkill Fire dept Guest


    In Rockland County, New York (S.E New York state Borders New Jersey)

    Each Dept is numbered alphabetically 1 to 26

    All radio designations are preceeded with the Departments alphabetical number.

    The apprattus are designated as to what they are.

    Example > Department 9

    The chief is... 9 - 1
    Asst. Chief is. 9 - 2
    9 - 3, 9 - 4, & 9 - 5
    as line officers.

    Apprattus> A 1250 gpm pumper is 9 - 1250
    A 1000 gpm pumper is 9 - 1000

    Ladders> A 75 ft aerial is 9 - 75
    A tower is ..........9 - Tower

    Other Equip> 9 - Rescue, 9 - MP (mini pumper)

    this allows the I.C. at mutual aid to know the capacities of the units responding.

    It works for us.

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    E_man9RFD Guest


    In Madison County every department including police use 10 codes. I personally have no use for them. The IMS system doesn't use them; plain english is used.

    Our Department, Richmond, is dispatched by the police dept. They have toned us out with almost no words at times.

    "Respond to wherever, for a code this, the signal that is code this break on signal 8 million."

    Even our own officers bastardize the 10 code sytem.... saying everything is 10-4. Our 10 codes translate 10-4 as, "understood"
    All jibberish to me.

    I don't know... maybe I'm a simp.

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    dousaems Guest


    Pretty obvious that ten codes are not real useful unless they are standardized. I run with four companies in two different states. In MD, a motor vehicle accident is a 10-50 PI or PD (personal injury or property damage) and can be dispatched with rescue. In PA it's a 10-45 I (injury) with confinement or entrapment. Somebody should just call it an MVA or MVC and do away with the ten codes; it's too confusing for many people, especially dispatchers between the states. Interestingly enough, the private ambo service I work for part time RELIES on ten codes, but only because they don't have to deal with multiple agencies.

    Onto apparatus numbering. The PA counties are simple and use plain english with station #and rig 1,2,3 etc.: Engine 56-1, Supply 56, Brush 56, Medic (or ambulance 56).

    But the MD side is different. Helps track what is what with categorized numbers -
    Each unit's # is usually a three or four digit #, indicating the company and type of piece. We have 10 independent companies (all volunteer) in the county, numbered 1 through 10 plus 12 and 13. Each company may have multiple stations, but this does not play into the numbering.
    Here's the fun part -
    anything in teens (11-19) is an engine
    so if company 1 has four engines they would be 111, 112, 113, 114 (or some variation).
    Anything in the twenties is a tanker (there's only one, 1321, out guessed it...Co.13).
    Anything in the thirties is a truck, regardless of tower, quint, or stick.
    40's = brush truck
    50's = rescue truck
    60's = air cascade unit, utility vehicle
    70's = more utility vehicles
    80's = special units (draft pieces)
    90's = EMS units. Medic units are usually 91, 92, and 93; EMS chase vehicles are 99, 98, and 97.
    So in summary, at one of my stations (Co.4), we have:
    5 engines (411, 412, 413, 414, 415)
    no tanker
    two trucks (431, 432)
    a brush (441)
    a rescue (451)
    a boat (Rescue 452)
    utilities out the wazoo (461, 471, 472 and a few others, I think)
    no special units
    three medic units (491, 492, 493)
    Talk about confusing. I grew up with it and it is second nature to me, but I would almost guarantee that anybody else who reads it is confused. Oh well, we all have our methods.

    Todd Dousa

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    One13Truck Guest

    Thumbs up

    Great work everybody, keep 'em coming!!! Have a safe and happy new year!!!

    Edwardsville Emergency Services, Station 10
    We came, we saw, WE KICKED IT'S *****!!!

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    Adler Guest


    We have mutual aid and fire protection pacts with cities in the surrounding two states. So this means that we help cover three states. Each state seems to have their own version of the ten codes. So most of the new guys, < 5 years, are using plain English because that is what they are use to. We were taught plain english. But, you have some of the old guys that try using the 10 codes, and once in a while the dispatch throws a fit because they are requesting "a package or item" be brought to the scene instead of the "assignment is complete". Can't teach an old dog new tricks?? Well most of the old timers have learned, but you have to guys that tell you "that f*#@&!^* dispatch don't know what the "heck" they are talking about". I have to leave, because I am laughing inside so hard, that I begin crying.

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    MTNRESQ Guest


    As Far as 10-codes go they are out!
    Our county still uses them on the sheriff Channel, but the disbatchers use them limited with the ambulance services and Fire Depts. My Amb Service went clear by far it is the way to go.
    Most of the ambulance services in our county still use ten codes and Clear text together
    "We are 10-76 enroute to the call"
    "We are 10-23 on Scene" This is definately a waste of radio traffic.

    All our ambulance services are Labeled by tens, 10, 20, 30 etc.
    Ours is rescue 70, 1st out unit is 71, 2nd 72 and our rescue is 73.

    the fire dept has all its numbers in the 20's but we are the only one in our county to do this.

    Barry Butrymowicz FF/EMT

    The views expressed above in no way represent the views of Mountain Ambulance Service or Riverview Fire Department.

    Remember if it is bleeding - bandage it, if it is on fire - put it out.
    and extricate when you have to.

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    spotthedalmation Guest


    Monroe County, PA uses a truck numbering system as follows:

    Station Number - Truck Type - Truck Number

    1 - Engine
    2 - Tanker
    3 - Brush
    4 - Rescue
    5 - Utility
    6 - Ladder

    7, 8, and 9 are officers

    Ex. 34 - 1 - 4 Would Be An Engine From Pocono Township, (Station Numbers are alphabetical) and the 4 is their arbitrary truck number.

    Challenge Yourself To Rise Above Adversity and Do The Right Thing

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    One13Truck Guest


    Well it seems I'm still in the minority on the codes issue. But like I said before only my opinion and what works here won't work in other places so whatever is best for your area should be in place. I'm not going to argue with anybody over it. But here in N.E.Pa. Monroe and Carbon uses them a good amount of the time, and Pike County is all codes and they all run fine. Here in Luzerne our police use them but Fire-ems rarely do. But then again we have to use town name and #'s when we call because they still have no idea who we are if we don't even after almost 5 years of being in service as a 911 center. So instead of saying: E11, R15, 17 to the 48, 123 Main. It has to be Edwardsville Station 10 to Luzerne County, received the page Edwardsville Engine 11, Edwardsville Rescue 15 is responding to the fire at 123 Main Street in Edwardsville (yes there are times when even that has to be specified, like there are always multiple calls at the same address going for the zones that that dispatcher is working?). Or this one: Edwardsville Chief 16 to Luzerne County, opperation complete, command terminated, Edwardsville Engine 11 is available and returning to Edwardsville Station 10 (like he'd release us to go to another town, but hey gotta say it or they don't know where Station 10 is at). This can be made much easier by just sayng: Chief 16 to County, 10-24, E11 10-8, 17 back to Station 10. Wilkes Barre City can do it and they are through the County, and it works fine. What we need to do In Luzerne County is to drop the 911 center and go back to our old dispatching. It was much quicker, everybody knew who they were talking to. But I still feel that the codes are still the best way to go. But like I said my opinion only because what works fine here just creates chaos in other areas.

    Edwardsville Emergency Services, Station 10
    We came, we saw, WE KICKED IT'S *****!!!

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    One13Truck Guest


    That can't be all!!! Nobody else wants to share anything???

    Edwardsville Emergency Services, Station 10
    We came, we saw, WE KICKED IT'S *****!!!

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    windham3 Guest


    In Bradford County, the apparatus is referred to by dept.#, type, and internal designation. For example, my department # is 19. We have 19 Engine 2,(we no longer have engine 1), 19 Tanker 1, 19 Tanker 2, etc.

    Line officers are called by department name, and order of rank.
    Chief- Windham 1
    1st Asst- Windham 2
    2nd Asst- Windham 3
    Captian- Windham 4

    10-codes are not used for fire or EMS in our county, only police. It is a pretty simple system.

    Bradford County PA.
    Department 19

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