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    Question Bunker gear on EMS calls

    I would like your thoughs on the wearing of bunker gear on an EMS call

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    It depends on the EMS call. If it's an MVA with glass and metal all over the place, I wear my turnouts. If it's after I go to bed, I wear my bunker pants. Regardless, I try not to dunk my gear into any biological goo that might be present.

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    Unless I already have them on, or I am in PT gear, I really don't like to wear them. Sometimes they are too cumbersome, and of course with some of the residences I have, the temperature without them makes me look like I just got out of the shower and threw my clothes on without drying off. Plus I can't see why I would want a patient having to endure the smoke odor if there was a job the week before he/she had their emergency. In larger scale incidents I would probably wear them to aid further in accountablity purposes. But of course if it was an SOG to wear them, I'd have to love them wouldn't I?
    lol....Be safe all!!


    The above is my personal opinion only, not that of any agency I work for or deal with.

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    Captain Gonzo
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    I'll wear my bunker pants to an EMS call if I am working out, after hours when I am in my room at the firehouse or if I am responding to a medical afergoing to a fire call.

    I wear my turnouts for MVA's if we will be using any of our extrication tools.

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    Captain Gonzo

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    I also work for a department that doesn't have a cut and dry policy on the matter, but for calls in the middle of the night bunkers aid in getting out the door faster.

    As for MVA's it depends on if you are on the med unit or the pump as to if you wear them or not. We are all issued a heavy squad coat so that kind of helps

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    I wear my bunker pants on medical calls if I don't have anything on that identifies me as a firefighter, any call that can get potentially messy, or if I'm going to be in a possibly hazardous position.

    **The preceding comments in no way represent the views of my department, its members, or associations that it may belong to.**

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    I wear gear if:

    (1) Scene is hazardous (MVA or other physical event such as explosion/collapse). Full gear.

    (2) I do not have any identifying clothing with me. For our small vollie outfit, a department hat or coat works as ID, I keep a hat in the car. Coat and helmet, maybe just helmet.

    (3) For personal safety reasons I want to be clearly identified as a firefighter and not as a law enforcement officer. Whether I enter the scene or not is an entirely different issue. Coat and helmet.

    (4) If I will be working part of the call in outdoor inclement weather. Full gear as necessary.

    (5) If I am working an outdoor scene in a hazardous location (next to a road, mainly). Coat and helmet for cold weather, pants and helmet for warm.

    Of course, I'm sure there are other reasons I will want to grab the gear as well.

    Frank Billington, #11
    Town of Superior Fire Online
    Opinions expressed here are not necessarily that of Town of Superior Fire.

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    I think that there are many varibles that go into this though. I think that one should wear bunker gear to mva's in which glass, metal, etc. Not only will the gear protect you from those hazards, but bio-hazardous materials. The vapor barrier should not allow Bio's through.
    Also at night the reflective striping will provide better warning that people are present if they cant see all the lights or come up on a scene where no Emergency apparatus is present. I guess it is up to the senior member on scene or what ever the dept. SOP is.

    Kevin Wiseman
    School Of Fire Protection
    Ponderosa FD

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    I respond to the scene of most MVAs and Medical Aids with the FAST Squad and I have found that my nomex forestry pants and jacket with its yellow color and reflective trim not only keeps me visible but identifies me as an emergency worker. It also looks a little more professional to the taxpayer (I think) to show up at their house for a med aid like that than in what ever I may have on.(Dirty work jeans and T-shirt while working on the car, etc.) While working on the NFD ambulance I only wear turnouts if it is an MVA,it is snowing or sleeting out, or if the call is at o-dark-30 and I was in the rack.

    FF/EMT Jay Ellingson
    Newington,NH FD,
    Madbury,NH VFD & FAST Squad &
    New England Dragway Safety Team (Sundaaayy!)
    Be Safe!

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    In the evening after I change out of uniform and at night I wear 'em, but usually not during the day except on MVA's.

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    On EMS (band-aid) calls we can wear bunker gear or a marked jumpsuit. The idea is to have some identifier to the public. Bunker gear is always taken on all calls but not always worn. Rescue calls such as MVA require bunker gear. Our insurance requires use of all protective gear.

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    My department will be starting to respond to Priority 1 EMS calls with the rescue squad that covers our fire district, hopefully sometime next week. There are still a few details we need to work out with the Fire Coordinators office. I've asked that anyone responding on these calls at least wear their bunker pants for I.D. purposes. Any other type of call is considered a fire call and full gear must be worn.

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    John R Kennedy
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    OK here are my thoughts. In another post the topic was hood wear them or not. And alot of people who reponded in that post who we're high advocates of wearing all gear to calls are now saying dont protect yourself on EMS calls. Here are a few reasons to wear at least bunker pants on EMS calls.

    1. ever work an cardiac arrest on a ceramic tile floor? Vomit sweat and god knows what else your kneeling in, plus the padding is a little easier on the knees.

    2. herion overdose you cant find the needle, its alot harder to get pricked through bunker pants then just your station uniforms.
    you also have the urine and vomit factor again

    3. here is another thing to throw out there. how about going into a "bad" neighborhood for an unknown ems call. i wear my helmet because if its an unknown domestic call and that person swings open that door in rage with a gun...blue uniform, badge looks like a cop.but with this yellow brain bucket on my head they might hesitate for a second. I CAN RUN ALONG WAY IN A SECOND!

    these are just a few things i have learned in my short time

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    Thumbs up

    Mr Kennedy.......Beautifully said, I agree 100%. I also agree with Mr Ellingson, I'd rather have a firefighter/EMT work on me than a mechanic. We have guys who USED TO show up in shorts! That's just numb. I prefer to have a long sleeve shirt and pants at the very minimum, but I usually wear my turnouts. It's easier to dress down once you find out what you are dealing with.

    Take care, stay safe, & stay low.

    Lt. Spinney

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    At night and in the morning when we don't ahve our uniforms on . MVA'S and slso calls were law enforcement is involved for safety reasons

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    I always wear at least the pants and usually the coat. If upon arrival we find out it not too messy then the coat comes off. A few f/fs on the dept. have had some serious tests due to the exposure (AIDS, Hepatitis, etc.) I feel you can always wash bunker gear or replace it but it is harder to wash or replace a firefighter.

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    I like to wear my turn outs on crashes and when there is inclement weather, i.e. snow, rain, etc. I will wear them if I am working out, instead of changing back into my trousers. Not too much at night, unless, again, the weather. There are some guys on my department who you think will have an MI when I wear them. I think that's another reason I wear them.

    Be safe,

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    I wear my bunker pants and helmet on ambulance assists and my full gear on mva. But i always take my full gear with me on the truck just in case we would happen to get another call. I can always take the coat off and put it in the truck.

    Matt Briskey
    Eastern Garrett County
    Station 80

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    I wear my bunker pants when I do not have my station blues on. I wear my coat on all crashes or when I need to be highly visible. I mainly wear the bunker pants because I would rather ruin a pair of the county's bunker pants and get new ones for free than have to shell out a go chunk of change for a new pair of jeans.

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    On an ems call you need to look professional and wearing a pair of shorts doesn't cut it. You definitely need to have pants on. If you have your station blues on I would say that is sufficient for most calls. If you are running an accident I would say you definitely need to have bunker gear on. Rescue squads need to have gear on when performing an extrication, so if you are gonna be anywhere working with them you better have it on too. Plus, on regular calls you can't go wrong have at least the pants on because if they get ruined who cares, the county/station buys you a new pair. If you ruin your own pair of paints, time to go buy yourself something new.

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    My department runs a tiered system where a fire company whether it be engine or truck first responds to all ems runs. During cold weather i pretty wear my bunkers all day including ems calls, it helps with warmth and reduces prep time if you get a fire while out and about. I wear bunkers on all runs after bed time. Keeping in mind my company makes about 4000 runs a year so sometimes its just easier to leave them on rather than jumping in and out all day.

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    On a medical call I prefer to wear my night hitch. It doesn't matter wether it is day or night. In some parts of town you certainly don't wish to be kneeling on the floor in just your station wear!!!!!

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    Some of the new sets of bunker gear is NFPA 1999 compliant, this means that it is made to protect you from body fluids, I feel that on any call where there is a possibility of coming in contact with body fluids you should take the extra precaution, my department issues squad coats that are NFPA 1999 compliant so most of the time I wear the coat to protect myself from exposure.


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    Just like everyone else I usually only wear them when not wearing my usual on duty clothes.

    Fishers Fire Dept.
    Local 416

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    I think you should wear your gear when the scene necessitates the wearing of protective clothing. I don't think you should wear your gear because it makes you look good.

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