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    Firefighter2000 Guest

    Unhappy SORRY

    Thank everyone who has replyed to the post FIREFIGHTER's NOT HELPING. But I am sorry to tell you that my daughters dream of being a firefighter died along with her this weekend.

    To everyone who did and didn't reply I am writeing to tell you that you are appreciated. And you will all be hero's in this little girls eyes. She had more respect for you then you will ever know. So thank you for inspiring her she would have been proud to know that you will always be here. and from me : thank you this girl had the best time when it came to firefighting and I hold everyone of you resposible for inspiring her and you did a GREAT job. So thank you

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    S. Cook Guest


    Sorry to hear of your loss. If this tragedy was the result of the accident where two girls were killed between Denton and Gainesville, the folks at my parents church in my hometown (Denison) are praying for you, your family and the others also involved. Regardless, I shall remember you in my prayers.


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    FFTrainer Guest


    If you're still checking in, I would like to pass along my deepest sympathies to you.

    I realize that to her family a daughter is always wonderful, but from reading her posts, it appears that your daughter took wonderful to a whole nother level!!!

    My prayers and thoughts are with you at this time of tragic loss.

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    daysleeper47 Guest


    I am so sorry for your loss. I went back and read some of your daughters posts and it seemed that she was full of such energy and a great drive to be a firefighter. The world needs a few more people like her. My prayers are with your family.
    God Bless and Stay Safe.

    "When the bell goes ding-ding, its time to get on the woo-woo."

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    dfwscotty Guest


    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you and your family.

    My prayers are with you...

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    FF McDonald Guest


    Along with the others that have posted their thoughts here, I would like to extend my condolences to you and your family. I am truly sorry for your loss.


    Marc McDonald

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    RDWFIRE Guest


    BIG TEARS I am so sorry for your loss. I am at a loss for words. Please accept my deepest sympathies. Your daughter will live on in each one of us.
    May God bless you.


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    TruroFAO Guest


    Please also accept the deepest sympathies on behalf of myself and many others in the fire service. Your daughter seemed very full of energy and life. I don't know of the cirumstances surrounding the tragedy, but again, please accept my deepest condolences.

    -In Prayer

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    smokeeater51 Guest


    The moment I read the first few lines, my heart went into my throat, and it was very hard to choke back down. I have read many of your daughters posts, and even replied. Such a terrible loss for you, your family, and the fire service. I only wish everyone was as dedicated as your little girl. You have my deepest sympathy.

    Lt. Spinney
    Rollinsford Fire & Rescue

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    Les.H Guest


    I received this news with a tear in my eye because I felt as if I new her. My condolences to all her family and close friends. Even over the 'Water' the pain can be felt. She will be sadly missed by all that had the pleasure to know her.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this tragic time.


    Sprinkle (UK)

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    Baberems Guest


    ... And all who know this life
    Know it too briefly.
    And all who leave this life
    Leave it too soon...

    Words cannot adequately express the sadness in my heart upon hearing of Ashley's death.
    Her enthusiasm and dedication to her dream spoke volumes to her character and vision.

    Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.

    My thoughts are with you as are my prayers.

    Pam Baber

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    chf jstano Guest


    My sincerest condolances to you and your family.You will be in our thoughts and prayers. John Stano, Chief, Dexter F.D.

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    nsfirechap Guest


    My heart truly goes out to you and your family. I am saddened by your loss. Was touched by your daughters enthusiasm in her post. Your daughter is, and always will be special to us. If we can help you in any way, please let us know.

    Blessed are they which do mourn, for they shall be comforted.

    Chaplain Jeff Turkel
    North Star VFD
    North Pole, Alaska

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    emsbrando Guest


    My deepest sympathy and my condolences to you and your family. Ed Brando, Carthage Firefighter: Regional Director, ETMC/EMS

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    N2DFire Guest


    On Behalf of Ferrum Volunteer Fire Dept. & Ferrum Volunteer Rescue Squad we offer our condolences. Know that you and your family will be in our prayers.

    I saw your daughters post just this past Thursday or Friday and I made a note to myself that I would reply to her today. It pains me deeply to know that I missed the opportunity to begin to know what appeared to be a very bright & determined young lady.

    I pray that God's peace will be with you and your family as well as with your new family here. Even though she had not met her dream of becoming a firefighter yet - the fire service lost a great candidate and her presence will be missed.


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    FireLady70 Guest


    I am so sorry for your loss. We will never know what the fire service has lost. Ashley seemed like a special girl. The fire service will miss her. But, at least we have added to our Guardians above. She will be with us always.


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    byram chief Guest


    so sorry to hear of your loss. i to lost a daughter 2 years ago. while the pain never goes away time does heal the loss be it ever so little. have faith in god and be strong, he will see you thru this time. hang in there.



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    Fyrball105 Guest


    words are not found for me to say.

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    1627 Guest


    I am sorry to hear of your loss I send my deepest sympathies from myself and my department. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

    -Leon Bass

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    firefighterbeast Guest


    The loss of a child is a feeling I know to, My prayers and thoughts as well as those from my family and fellow firefighters. She will be truely missed.

    My The Lord Our God Keep You In His Love.

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    SRVFD2 Guest


    I back up firelady - feeling we have another
    guardian watching over us who happens to be named Ashley. Our prayers will be with your family.

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    mark440 Guest


    God bless! The thoughts and prayers are with you from Utah.


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    FyredUp Guest


    My deepest condolences to you in your loss.

    Know that we in the fire service know we have lost a chance at another shining star.

    My prayers are with you.


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    canman Guest


    I'm sorry at the passing of your daughter and I'm sure she's looking down on all of us just smiling away knowing that we all cared.

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    The Heart Behind the Hero Guest


    I am so very sorry for your loss. I also read Ashley's posts. She demonstrated the kind of determination and maturity that is so rare in our young people today.

    Words can not express how much she will be missed in this world.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


    Karen Yoder

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