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    Chainsaws are used for cutting tree limbs that fall on cars and similar situations. On my shift you will carry the K-12 to the roof, and if you can't take the weight you belong on an engine. Other shifts at my department have taken the chainsaw and sometimes it worked and sometimes they had problems. Try cutting through 2-3 layers of shingles with a chain and see how far you get.

    In addition you don't need to worry about what the depth gauge is set on or if the chainsaw even has one. A k-12 will not allow too deep of a cut if you miss a rafter and don't pull up on the saw. The blade cover allows only about 4 inches of cutting, and for all the people who don't understand how you stop the blade, you bury it in the roof.

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    Talking Stihl MS 460 Rescue chain saw

    This saw was mentioned in the thread. We use one and it works great! It replaced our old cutters edge chainsaw which worked great to, but the Stihl service center is next door to us. Just make sure you use it with the Rapid duro rescue chain or "RDR" (costs about $175). As for Chainsaw vs K12, I prefer a chainsaw for many reasons. One of which is that a chainsaw is light enough that you can keep your weight supported with your legs, but a K12 will cause you to bend over because of the weight and short reach of the blade.

    If your having to remove shingles before you cut a hole, your chainsaw has the wrong chain on it. Buy the right chain (Bullet, Raptor, or Stihl RDR) and you firefighters will spend very little time on the roof!

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