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    Post Looking for a FD in Need of Equipment

    We have a number of PASS devices and some turnout gear the Absecon FD in NJ would like to give to a Fire Department that could use them. If anyone knows of such a department, please reply with the Name Address and phone number of a contact person in that department

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    I recently read an article on the news feature of this site about the War Fire Department. Their station burnt to the ground and they lost everything.

    Here is a link to the story-http://www.firehouse.com/news/2000/10/30_war.html .

    I hope this helps you on your quest.

    All opinions are my own and have nothing to do with any agencies i belong to.

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    Please contact
    Buffalo-Mt. Pisgah Vol Fire Dept
    Ed Schafer, Chief
    5203 Mt. Pisgah Road
    Kershaw, SC 29067
    Home Phone: 803-432-0521

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    Contact person on my dept is:
    Chief Gene Bolin
    Columbus Vol FD
    PO Box 69
    Columbus, KY 42032

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    Contact Person:
    Ben Adams
    Training officer
    Elysian Fields Volunteer Fire Department
    290 Mollie Ln.
    Marshall, TX. 75672

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    As a small volunteer department we could use surplus equipment. We currently have no PASS devices. Any help would be appreciated.

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    just started explorer program here, in need of equipment for them, contact me

    C. Carrier
    Hickory Tree V.F.D.
    233 Boyd Road
    Bluff City, Tn 37618
    e-mail @ Fyrball1052@aol.com
    (423) 538-6121

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    Our Department as well as all of the other small Volunteer fire departments that we give gear to, could us any and all equipment you or others could help us with. When we receive more equipment that we do not nee we pass this on to them. The contact person is

    Fire Chief Kenny Staatz
    Herington Volunteer Fire Department
    Herington, Kansas 67449
    phone number 785-258-3020

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    Frank Allen
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    Asst. Chief Frank Allen
    Pindars Corners Fire Department
    30 Allen Drive
    Oneonta NY 13820
    any help from your dept. would be greatly appreciated. At this time we have only 2 PASS alarms. Thank you for anything you can help us with.

    Frank Allen

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    I am the chief of a small rural dept. and we are in need of any type equipment, pass alarms on top of the list. my email is baddwolf7@yahoo.com, any help appreciated.

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    Volunteer Dept. 30 members
    Hawarden, IA

    Emergency Services Coordinator
    700 7th St. Box 231
    Hawarden, IA 51023
    Attn: Brad Meyer

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    Please contact
    Putnam Twp Fire Department
    1066 East Main Street
    Pinckney, Michigan 48169
    Contact me by e-mail at petrosky@umich.edu
    734-878-6788 ask for Lt. Petrosky

    "Stay Safe, Stay Low and lets Rock-n-Roll"

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    If you still have any surplus equipment and/ or gear, contact Mark Warnick at
    rdnkcheif@excite.com or 1-877-958-FIRE
    He is the founder of Helping Our Own www.helpingourown.com
    He has a large list of departments across the country that need help. We find surplus equip & gear and get it donated to the small, underfunded and new startup departments in the USA.
    I am the Arkansas coordinator for H.O.O. and right now i have two new startup depts within 50 miles of me, they dont have anything in the way of basic firefighting equipment & gear.I have found a few sets of turnout coats and pants and a few pairs of gloves , and might possbly have a truck coming for one of them. There are plenty of depts out there that need help, so anyone you can help will be great. if any of you also need help, contact Mark or myself and we will get you on the list. thanks, Tyler Sitzer,
    Helping Our Own ,
    firefighter helping firefighter. www.helpingourown.com

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    my name is thomas kelleck im a firefighter for the ford heights fire dept in il we r currently the poorest dept in the country we r in meed of bunker gear and pass alarms

    thomas kelleck
    ford heights fire (il)

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    The Sadler, Texas FD just lost a building and some equipment in a fire. Info on this is on this site's front page.

    FF/EMT Jay Ellingson
    Newington,NH FD
    New England Dragway Safety Team (Sundaaayy!)
    Be Safe!

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    any spare speakers or siren control boxes would be great. thanks


    ...fire fetish???......
    ...damn right!!!!

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