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    THE NCFD Guest


    The family "biz" started with my grandfather. He was a Captain with the Conway, SC FD then moved to Charleston, SC and became Chief of the St. Andrews FD. My father and uncles, both followed in his footsteps. My uncle became a FD chaplin and my father went on to become a Chief with the North Charleston District FD. Another uncle, my mothers brother started with the St.A.FD and later went to NC to go into the fire service there. I eventually went on to join the ranks and am now an Engineer with the North Charleston Fire Dept. there are 11 members of my department that have had fathers or grandfathers or both in the fire department in this area. We carry the proud tradition with us everyday!

    Grant Mishoe
    Engineer, Station #4
    North Charleston F.D.
    THENCFD Online!

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    FCDave Guest


    My brother and I are both on the job. I am a part-time FF/EMT in IL, and he is a Firemedic in Oh. Can you guess what we talk about, when we get together? ha ha

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    Firelover Guest


    My grandfather was an Airport Firefighter, and I was never really interested in firefighting until I was actually hired..... weird eh?


    If you sent us to HELL, WE'D PUT IT OUT!!

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    SyrFD110 Guest


    I am a third generation vol. and the only one in my family lucky enough to have made it a carrier also. My eight year old son, however has told me that he would rather be a professional football player than a firefighter. Go figure!


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    thunter16148 Guest


    My father joined a volunteer dept. in 1972 when I was just 3 years old.I was allowed to go to the station(as well as my older brother) from time to time after a fire and help clean hose and so forth.I was really fascinated with the idea of being a firefighter someday.I would put my father's boots and coat on (which outweighed me) and pretend I was fighting a fire.Finally the time came in 1987 when I was old enough to join.My brother had already been on for a couple years.At the time my father was fire chief but it still had to be approved by the membership.I am now a Lieutenant on the same dept. and I am looking forward to moving up in rank someday.
    All three of us are still active firefighters but I would like to see my father retire someday soon.

    I invite you to look at my webpage I put together for the

    Lt. Mike Speiser

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    capt6engine Guest


    I am a fourth generation ff. I am a Captain on a career department in NC. My Great Grandfather helped to found the volunteer FD in my NJ home town in 1896! My Dad was also a volunteer their for many years. He passed away when I was 13 and I was not exposed to the FS much until after he passed. But, here I am anyway. I guess it is "in the blood".

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    nsgff Guest


    I am going to school next year to become a firefighter/paramedic. When I get on a department I will be a 3rd generation ff. I look forward to spending time with my old man and fighting some fires while I do it.

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    icewoman Guest


    I think the history of the Fire service speaks for itself. We are definitely a brotherhood/sisterhood. No matter where you go throughout the world, you are greeted with open arms from other firefighters.

    Our Department insists on having a "nepotism" policy. They enforce it with even Uncles/nephews, married couples, grandkids etc.

    This is not fair to our own children. God Bless and God speed. Be safe. 4 LODD's already and it's only 1/11/01.

    Michele Ice
    Cobb County, Georgia

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    ltpete Guest


    I would say, yes, it is a family thing. I'm a second generation fire fighter with 38 years at it and my two kids(adults to you younger people but kids to me)are both EMTS and firefighters.. even though we are a small department both of them respond when a call comes in..what can I say I'm proud of them and hope my grandkids follow in their parents foot steps too.

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    Lt.Tim Guest


    When I was a young lad my father and an uncle were members of the Delaware Township Volunteer Fire Department in Lansing,Kansas. I joined the department in 1979 and am now a Lieutenant. Rick Huhn our Chief has a son on the department and so does Capt. Jim Murphy. We also had two of our members get married to each other. He had to quit when he got a job with the Leavenworth City Fire Department however his wife is still a member at Delaware Township. My second cousin is married to a guy that was on Delaware Township, he is now working with the Leavenworth Fire Department. Her grandfather is my uncle. I started my paid carrer at Kansas City International Airport with a contract fire service in 1982. There were two brothers working on the department. In 1985 I took a job with the Fort Leavenworth Fire Department, we have two brothers working there also. One of my nephews says that he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. I reckon that this throws more fuel on the fire for the arguement that firefighting is a family thing. I can add some more fuel by saying that we are all one large family, we are brothers and sisters. How many times have you met a person for the first time and find out that they are a firefighter and you begin to feel that that individual is family. One of my fellow firefighters from Fort Leavenworth was on a cruise and met a fireman from New York City. They struck up a conversation like they had known each other for years. His wife could not believe it, they had just gotten married and this was their honeymoon. When she mentioned this to the other firemans wife she told her to get used to it because it happens all of the time. Bat. Chief Tventon of the Kansas City, MO Fire Department who died just over a year ago at a warehouse fire, had a father who was a Bat. Chief in that department. When the six firefighter in KCMO were killed in an explosion many years ago hundred of firefighters from across the nation came to their special service and the same for the five who died in Hoboken, NJ (I believe it was) that same year. When we hear of our fellow firefighters dieing we all stop and say a little prayer for them and their immediate family and for all the other firefighters that continue to do battle in this noble profession. So you see my brothers and sisters, volunteer and paid, it really is a famliy thing.

    Tim Mondero
    Lieutenant/Delaware Township Volunteer Fire Dept.
    Firefighter/Fort Leavenworth F.D.

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    RGlancy Guest


    My grandfather served 33 years, my father 20
    my mother was an EMT for 8 years, an uncle served 23 years, a cousin 21 years, with the last 8 serving as Chief. I have served for 17 years, as FF/Emt, LT.,Captain and currently Asst. Chief. I started on the cadet program when I was 13 yo. I have an eleven year old son who cant wait to join the cadet program and wants to pursue Firefighting as a career.

    Rob Glancy

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    Firefighting,, A Family Thing???
    Yes tis it is,, within my family. My Great-Grandfather, Grandfather,Dad & Step-Dad were all Firefighters (and Police Officers too, My Mom was also a Police Officer), Each of them has put no less than 25 yrs within the Fire Service. So I guess you can say (since I am a 20 yr Fire Service Vet now) Its in the Family Blood!! Plus one of my younger sisters was "involved" with the Fire Service for a few years, 1 nephew in the Fire Service, and 2 sisters "involved" with the EMS side of things. Except I put a "Wrench in the works" instead of going in the Police Field with the rest of my family, I hold the "First" as going into the Medical Field.
    Both of my kids, have been around the Fire Dept since they were born, and already talking about joining when they are old enough. (My son is 12 & My Daughter is 10) So time will tell if they decide either the Fire/Police side of the family or the Fire/Ems side of the family. Which ever way they choose, I will support them in their travels.
    Respectively submitted,
    Dave Lightner
    EMT/FF 43 Semi Retired

    "Time to play inside, Uncle Fester"

    Dave's Fire & Ems Homepage

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    DFD420 Guest


    My Grandfather was a chief and firefighter for over fifty years and my great uncle was chief. my uncle a firefighter for 15 years. my father was a chief for 5 years and a firefighter for 26 years. and now I have been in for 3 years and some day chief. When I was younger I had a ll my own gears and my own Scott Pak ( my dad works at Scotts). So every halloween I was a fireman. I just grew up in a firefighting family

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    FireLt1951 Guest


    Over 50 years of tradition here. I hope that oneday when my son, who is a firefighter has children, one of them will continue. It's in the blood sometimes.

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    14Rescue1 Guest


    Third Generation in this family.
    Mon pepere retired from the Somersworth Fire Department in the 50's, with the rank of Lieutenant.
    My father retired after 20 at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard as Captain, and just completed 37 years both call (1964-1985) and career (1985-2001) with Somersworth. Now, he's just been appointed Chief of another city up North, pending physical & city council vote.
    I've completed 3 years (career) with Dover after being call in Somersworth for 4 years.
    Who knows maybe one of my kids will carry on tradition.

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