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    Smile What type of Truck?

    So what type of Truck Company does your department use, TDA's (Tractor Drawn Aerials), Elevating platforms, Mid mount or rear mount aerials, My department uses an 81 LTI which is 91 feet I believe we are the only FD in our area that does not have a TDA in it's fleet. So what type of Truck do you use?

    Tim Macias
    Engine 101

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    My city's dept. has 2 platforms. A 2000 Sutphen midmount and a 1994 Duplex/Grumman rearmount.
    Ohh, and a 50" TeleSqurt, but I wouldn't call that a ladder truck, just a truck with a "ladder" on it.

    "When the bell goes ding-ding, its time to get on the woo-woo."
    "Dusting desire - starting to learn. Walking through fire with out a burn..."

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    Not even could it be called a truck we just call it an Engine with tele squirt on it or a wanna be truck company, I'll try to scan in a Pic our Truck 102

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    We have two arials. One is a 95' midship mount sutphen tower. (1994) The other, in its broadest definition, is a 1968 pirsch 85' heap o' crap mounted on a single axel ford chasis. (Midship mount) It also has screw jacks. Bet ya don't have anything that scary in your fleet! Thankfully ladder 8 is not in service.

    Eng. Co. 9

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    We have two here at Capital City Fire & Rescue. A Pierce 75' rear mount heavy duty quint, and a Seagrave 100'rear mount medium duty quint. You can find pictures at www.ccfr.net.

    Be safe. The dragon lurks!!!

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    Here we have a real ladder truck a 1981 100ft Sutphen mid mount platform. We like her so much she back in Amlin OH for a complete refurbish.

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    We have a 1985 Spartan/LTI 100' platform (aft mount), which we just put into service to replace our dinosaur, a 1970 Maxim 85' midship stick.

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    We run a 1998 75' E-One. Built for low manpower situations. Very dependable truck.

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    We have a 1974 100' Rearmount Seagrave that was refurbed in 1986. Point of interest,we bought the Ladder from NYC from the shops.
    Former 49 Truck in the Bronx.We are currently
    looking to purchase an E-ONE 95' Quint Tower
    in 2 yrs.

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    we do not have a truck company in our department. the closest, truck company is 6mile away the have a 75 ft stick and a 102 tower quint.

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    My old dept (seriously cash-strapped and under-supported by the community) was at the time of my relocation, seriously considering purchasing a power company lineworker's bucket truck for ventilation work. This would've been their fifth piece of apparatus, joining two engines, a tanker and an equipment van. Anyone ever tried that? Would've been useless for rescues, but the entire district is 10% suburban, 90% rural, and I don't think any structure is beyond the reach of ground ladders. Just would've saved some broken limbs from crewmembers sliding down slippery roofs. Just watch those power lines!!!! (like you would with any other aerial anyway)

    I don't know if it is legal or not, OSHA and NFPA and XYZ, etc. But when you have no resources, you improvise. That is the story of the service, isn't it?

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    We currently have a 1987 110' rear mount E-ONE (AERIAL 1), a 100' rear mount Mack (AERIAL 11), and 2- 2000 75' Pierce Dash rear mount quints (QUINTS 2 & 7). Also 2 Rescue Companies assist the truck/quint companies with truckwork at fires.

    Any Opinion expressed, are my own, and do not reflect my Department...RB

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    My Township's department has a 2000 75' E-One Quint. Replaced a 1967 Seagrave.


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    We replaced an '81 ALF TDA with a 105' heavy duty ladder on a Pierce Lance with All-steer and 1500 gpm pump and 500 gallon booster. Made up some lost space with a transom compartment under the rear of the cab for 12 tools. Roll-doors have worked nicely. Sister company has same w/o All-steer and traditional doors. Have to duck and hang that much further into traffic. The All-steer has worked fairly well unless you're a parked car or street sign.

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    We operated a 75 Mack CF Tiller with a 100' stick. She is one hell of a truck.

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    We have a 103' KME Aerial cat rear mount platform. I believe it's a 1996. We love it!! That baby can throw some serious water!!

    Fishers Fire Dept.
    Local 416

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    We run a 1992 Pierce Arrow 105' heavy duty Quint, rear mounted. It replaced a 70 something Seagrave 100 foot rear aerial. You can check it out in the november section of apparatus showcase here on Firehouse.com

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    75' Spartan/LTI rear mount quint. Backed by a 1000/750 pumper and some serious mutual aid we're pretty well set. http://www.go.to/shavertownfire for pics

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    We run a 1995 Ferrara/HME 109 foot rearmount. A lot of the surrounding companies run tillers, a couple rear mounts and few run the almighty Aerialscope (my personal favorite). No Quints in this county.

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    Thumbs up

    Here they are:

    Truck Company 1-A 1989 75' Mack/Baker Aerialscope

    Truck Company 2-A 1999 95' Seagrave Aerialscope

    Truck Company 3-A 1986 100' Seagrave Rearmount

    Kevin M. Fitzhenry, bfdt2@fitzhenry.com
    Firefighter, Truck Co. 2
    City of Bayonne (NJ) FD

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