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    MB1213635 Guest


    Personally, I prefer the Partner K-650. Lightweight and powerful. Does a helluva job. However, I'm not one to be embarassed on the roof and carry my axe just in case...

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    rfd241 Guest


    Definitely a K-12 or any of the other K-series saws along with an axe. Hopefully you will have a partner with you who has a hook to so that you can knock out the ceiling below the roof level once you have cut the hole also.

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    fireff413 Guest


    We carry the Cutters Edge chain saw, but I feel that a simple sledge hammer works best on your typical residential structure...

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    RADFIRE Guest


    I recommend from personal usage, the Cutter Edge bullet saw. Easy start even in adverse roof conditions and it's cuts beautifully. It incorporates safety measures into it's operation. Give it a good look.
    Good luck.

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