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Thread: Surviair

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    We have had a lot of problems with the necks leaking on our survivair and so has a lot of other towns in my county.
    As far as I'm concerned Scott is the best.
    I have used both and with all our equipment on it is easier to don the Scott than any other period.

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    Beware of SuprisAir!!!!!!!

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    One thing is for sure, if you ask 7 different firefighters what their preference is on a S.C.B.A. you will get 7 different answers. I have used Survivair packs for 20 years. I am also a state certified Instructor I and have used many other brands in the field. All of the packs have advantages and disadvantages. When I started wearing Survivair's, we had to switch from demand to positive pressure on the regulators.(remember that!) I have used the mark II's, the XL 30's and the panthers. Yes, there was a recall on the 20/20 facepieces, but at least they saw the problem and corrected it. What hasn't had a recall these days. Any problems that we have encountered with survivair over the last 20 years are insignificant and I would recommend the product to any department, but you won't hear me put down any of the other brands either. However, as with any of your equipment, many factors need to be weighed before making a final decision. I wish you the best in your firefighting efforts.

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    We just completed an evaluation to upgrade and Surviair chose not to participate. Just wondering with all the Scott diehards - have you tried MSA and ISI. The Scott pack tested very poorly for us (buddy breather dangerous, back frame uncomfortable, helmets hit bottles, guage impossible to read in a fire, etc.)I thought Scott would be my first choice due to the popularity but I was very wrong.

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    we have been using survivair for 0ver 20 years now, no major problems at all, I went thru their classes and became a certified repair tech, someone said something about flowtesting, ALL scba are supposed to be flow tested once a year, not just survivair,
    we are still using the XL-30 , and a few of them are ones we had upgraded from demand to positive pressure, they have been real work horses and have never let us down, we inspect them and test them very often, we just finally got some of the hoop wrapped cylinders 3 years ago and are having to take some of them out of service now, 15 year life, we still have over 20 of the good ole steel bottles, yes the extra few pounds is agravating at times but if a few pounds is going to make the difference in my abilities, then i need to get in better shape !
    we are going to try and get new scba this year and these will all be donated to small, poor depts all across our state, i am going to overhaul them all before we donate them, and they should last 20 more years if needed, cause isnt an older working, safe scba better than none at all. also, if you dont trade your old scba in on new ones, consider donating them to other depts that cant afford newer equipment, there are thousands of them out there, go to www.helpingourown.com , check it out. and by the way , I am the Arkansas coordinator for H.O.O. TYLER

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