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    j crooke Guest

    Question Station boots

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if any one has any opinions on good quality station/tactical boots. I just got hired by a paid dept ( yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus ! ) & will be be needing comfortable work boots for station/EMS wear. My biggest problem is my feet ache after standing for an extended period of time. Any Ideas?? Thanks in advance.

    Jeff Crooke Jr.
    Arlington County Fire Department
    Arlington, VA

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    dfwscotty Guest


    I started out in Rocky 911's and they worked great and lasted a long time. I'm currently wearing the Hi-teks and they are doing a good job at a lower price. They both have provided real good ankle support. Some guys have the lace-in zippers but I still have the laces in and can get out of them pretty quick.

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    FD111 Guest


    I would definitly recommend either rocky's or hi-tek's. Both are good quality boots. Like DFW said the hi-tek's are cheaper than the rocky's but as for my personal opinion I would go with the hi-tek super magnums with the lace in zippers.

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    ArmyTruckCompany Guest


    no arguments here- Magnum Hi-Tec's with the steel toes....I have two pairs- one pair with zippers, for days I am riding the jumpseats, and one pair with laces, for when I am driving. (I can't get a snug fit with the zippers...)

    Others that I like: Lehigh Shoes NFPA approved station/bunjer boots (nice, but HEAVY!!) And the Warrington Pro 8" Boots are nice, too.

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    ALSfirefighter Guest


    I wear the Warrington Pro 8" as my station shoe and find them very comfortable. Occassionally my feet feel like they are overheating, but overall I can't complain. I've worn the Magnums, and Rocky's and liked them. But then again, after my 4 years in the Marines, anything but combat boots will do me justice.

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    Adler Guest


    I wear the Magnum "Trooper" Hi-Teks. They are $49.99 thru Galls and are the same as the regular Hi-Teks only w/o the lettering. I was in the Army for 6 years, and am now a Guardsman, so I am use to polishing up my boots. Hi-Teks hold a nice shine if you are into that sort of look. But, have also heard good things about the Rockies. I think that the Magnums are a little lighter than most of your other boots out there. Good Luck in your choice and stay safe.

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    F52 Westside Guest


    I am wearing Carolina's side zippered, and have had good luck with them. Our "Equipment Dudes" are trying to get them to go to Warrington's. They have had luck getting the bosses to go with Warrington Pros for bunker boots, finally.

    Eddie C. - a.k.a - PTFD21
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    HHoffman Guest

    Thumbs up

    My department gave me a pair of Black Diamond NFPA boots. I have had them for about three years now. They are heavy but they are bullet-proof. I had Pro's before that and didn't like them.

    Henry C. Hoffman Jr.

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    Capt68 Guest


    I wear Redwings with the soft sole and zippers in the front. They are VERY popular where I am from, plus they look real nice and can be re-soled easily. Ryan

    62 Engine 67 Truck

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    kellyrelief Guest


    I have had a pair of Danner Acadia's since 1991. I wore the for the last year I was in the Marine Corps and have worn them ever since. I have had to resole them 2 times in the last 9 years. Danner also has a zipper that can be laced into the boots. Their arch support is the best I have ever used. My feet have never been wet or cold in these boots.

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    Kyle Wickman Guest


    Are the Warrington boots high? Can you get them fast?

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    Quint1Medic Guest


    One vote from me for Red Wings!

    I have skinny feet, and the Rockies don't even come in my size. The Wings come in narrow and wide sizes, for both men and women. The fact that they're all leather is nice, too. They don't have all the cushy padding that the Rockies start out with, but that's what socks are for. They *will* set you back - last I checked, they ran about $130 - but they last forever. I've got one pair of Red Wings that I got in 1990 that I still wear all the time...I've had them resoled ($35), but they're really comfy. I've been in water up to my ankles without too much water getting in. By the way, I have three pair of work Wings...the old set I wear around town, one pair I wear to work, and the third pair is sitting in the box, waiting for 2010 or so

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    CFDENG23 Guest


    I wear warrington pro zippers for station wear and wouldn't use anything else. Feet stay dry and protected. Good durabilty also. Did the red wing thing for awhile and found myself buying a new pair ever year.

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    Ross Johnson Guest


    If you can afford them, PRO PRO PRO!!!!!! I have had different boots ranging from Rockys to Maginums and then I got a pair of Pro's last spring(8 inch). Just to wear around the station. They are EXTREMELY comfortable and heavy duty and I have fallen in love with them. I have the same problem of my feet getting sore after a long time but these are not as bad as some of the other boots I have had. They are a bit pricey but I felt they are well worth it in the long run. I work with guys who have had theirs for 5 to 6 years. Pro also makes a station boot that is a lot less expensive station boot which I heard is good. GOod luck!

    Gettysburg Fire Department (PA) FF/NREMT-B
    Brookside Engine Company,Div of Mendham Twp Fire Dept(NJ) FF
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    jeffbogden Guest


    I had the redwings first, very comfortable boots, no break in time, have the zippers, blah blah blah...biggest drawback is the soles dont' last long at all and your feet dont' like to breathe in the darn things, just got a set of Bates Enforcers...much more comfortable and the feet dont' get that wonderful sweaty feeling....

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    MPreb362 Guest


    good advise from all above. the only thing to add is that you try to get them from a fire equipment dealer or supplier from your area. trying them on first to see how they fit has to be my biggest thing. i've ordered through the mail and most of the times just wasn't satisfied with the overall ordeal. good luck and stay safe.

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    ffemtarmy Guest


    hey dude all I can say is go out and spend the extra money it is going to cost to get a good pair of boots. I highly suggest MATERHORNS they are 8" combat boots with gore-tex. Mine have held up for 3 years and have been on a countless number of ems calls and over 30 Search and Rescue missions. The only problem with mine is i melted the front tip the other night in a camp fire. Other than that I love my materhorns.

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    RADFIRE Guest


    j, I use Warrington 8". I forget the cost, but the price is worth it. I use them for both station wear and firefighting. Usage for just stationwear will take some time to break them in and once broken they are comfortable.

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