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    fireman703 Guest

    Question chain saws

    I need advice on what chainsaw you feel is best for structural FF.

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    Staylow Guest


    I have been very impressed with the Cutters Edge Bullet Saw. It will start in smoke, the blade goes through just about anything, and the engine has great hp and torque. I'm sure they cost a few bucks, but it is the only chainsaw I'll gab off the rig.

    Stay Safe!

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    First-Due Guest


    Cutter's Edge

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    ME93 Guest


    Without question! If your dept has the money purchase a cutters edge. They are definetly expensive though.

    It's all we carry on our engines.

    Fishers Fire Dept.
    Local 416

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    benson911 Guest


    One that starts, stays running, has a sharp chain and doesn't bind up.

    We use Stihl, and I like 'em.

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    FF27 Guest


    Chainsaws are for cutting down trees. If you want a real saw buy a PARTNER !

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    First-Due Guest


    For those of us that where use using the K-12 you know that we welcomed the "Tree Cutting Saw" such as the Cutters Edge for its light weight,rapid cut,SAFETY,etc.

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    Looper Guest


    Got tired of paying too much money for "fire service" chainsaws. Switched to 16" craftsman from Sears. Can buy 6 for the price of one of the "service" saws. Light wieght, easy to handle in awkward positions, blades are cheap to replace. Each engine and the rescue carry one.

    And yes, sometimes we do use them to cut trees.

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    Lt. Wayne Burdett Guest


    Airway, We use 044 Stihl with the Cutter's Edge conversion with the Bullett chain our local Stihl dealer says it is a company policy to give all fire depts a discount when buying a saw we saved over $300. compared to buying a cutters edge saw. The conversion is very easy all you do is change the drive sprocket and install their bar & chain, we are very happy with these saws & have one on all front line units

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    SFD-129-3 Guest

    Thumbs up

    Cutters Edge is the only way to go. We've used stihl saws at a house fire and had to switch bc the chain was too dull. If you want to replace chains after every use, go right ahead. We have only replaced one Bullet Chain and thats bc it broke due to a water pipe. They are worth their weight in gold. Ive never used the conversion kit, but if Cutters Edge ok'd the kit components it must be ok. One thing I would suggest is buying a small chainsaw that you would use to cut trees or other small rubbish. It just kills me to see a $1200 saw being used to move trees.

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    PBFTRK33 Guest


    Nothing is better than an "EDGE". That's all we use in Pittsburgh. Had a 4 alarm fire 3 nights ago and cut 2 holes with our Edge sporting a Bullet chain. When it comes to being on a hostile roof, you want a saw that performs. Buy a Cutters edge.

    Jim Crawford
    Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire
    Truck Company #33

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    Company40 Guest


    We also use a Stihl 044. It's equipped with a 16" bar with (I think) a KIS depth gauge and a bullet chain. We also keep a 24" bar handy so we can switch over to tree cutting mode when a storm knocks trees over.

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    lumpy649 Guest


    Cutter's Edge and Stihl make good saws... like 'em both...

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    SHCoTrk531 Guest


    We have two Cutter's Edge on our truck along with a K-12. The Cutter's Edge starts with a pull or two and the K-12......It's in the shop AGAIN. Say no more.

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    RADFIRE Guest


    I've used an Echo Qwik-Vent, A K-12, and a Cutters Edge numerous times at fires and like the Edge the most. Just tighten the safety bullet good and tight. When it's smoky and you're whinding the saw fullout to cut roofing material it loosens up. You may not realize how deep you're cutting.
    I still like the K-12 for some uses (metal), but the Edge has me spoiled.
    Just my opinion from my experiences.

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    Captain Gonzo Guest


    We just got our second Cutter's Edge chain saw, and it will be put on our Ladder 1. Now both ladders will have a K-12 and the Cutter's Edge.

    And on the eighth day...God created Firefighters!
    Captain Gonzo

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    FF26 Guest


    We use Cutter's Edge for our primary venting saw (we also carry K12's for metal cutting).

    We do not use the "bullet" chain, instead we use a carbide chain from a calf. company. I believe that their name is ventmaster (??).

    We found two problems with the bullet chains one was that the area in front of the carbide tip would clog up easily and the second was that we seemed to lose a tip on almost every use.

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    zamigos Guest


    We have a Stihl 044 with a bullet chain and it works great. If you have the money get a Cutters Edge, you can't beat them. If you want to save money buy either a Stihl or Huskey and put a bullet chain on it.

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