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    Question steel scba bottles

    Does anyone know if steel bottles will be phased out. We still use them and I hope they will be outlawed. If you know can you tell me if there is any documentation to back it up. Thanks

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    As long as the bottles pass hydro every 5 years they can stay in service. If you want to see something amazing just look at the O2 H tanks on your ambulance or cascade. There are steel tanks out there built in the 1920's that are still in service.

    As for your scba bottles, sorry you'll just have to live with them. We still have some on our SCOTT 2.2. If your Chief doesn't like composite bottles because of the shelf life try aluminum, or just wait, I heard that DOT was going to lift the 15 year life on wrapped bottles.

    Good Luck from Winfield IL

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    I can't see them being out-lawed, I think the only way that they will be phased out is if your dept. does it.
    The Dept. I'm on is bringing the steel bottles back. Most of our guys don't find that much of a weight difference, and we are saving money by not having to replace the fibreglass wrapped bottles every 10 years. It's my understanding that a steel bottle can be used for ever as long as it passes the inspections and hydro testing.

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    Truck109 you should be able to pick up a ton of steels for little or no cash. Wish I could give you the last of ours!

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    I personally have a strong dislike for steel.
    I by far prefer the lighter weight materials.

    Steel bottles make good Boat Anchors!

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    Why is everyone so concerned with the life span of the composite bottles? We upgraded to 2.2's from the 2A's about 4 years ago. We tried to get the lightweights but were voted down bc they were $200 more each and had a life span of 15 years. But do we really need to use them for more than that? I guess we were lucky, we got rid of all our steels when we traded the 2a's. But these were 20 years old and heavy as hell. My point is: look at the advancement we made in 20 years, do we really want to use 1980 technology in 2000?
    On a side note, check ebay for used scba cylinders. There are usually a bunch in there.

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    Our dept has steel bottles but they are all sitting in the closet. on our air van we have approx. 25 aliuminum bottles, and 11 composite(5 of the older composite that came with MSA Ultralite 2, and 6 MSA Stealth bottles)we are in the process if getting more of the stealth bottles.

    George Hagerty
    Columbus Vol. Fire Dept

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    I myself am looking for steel bottles, but not to use in SCBA's! So you guys that have em laying around taking up space, if you want to get rid of them let me know.

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    WE use our steel ones for things like the air chisel. There is a problem with air bottles that are for SCBA and they are generic or off brand from the SCBA main gear. Using survivair bottles on Scott pack for example. If there is a failure in the air pack no one will stand behind it. I know that most bottles are made by two or three manufacturers but if it has a brand name on it, dont mix em. There are NIOSH rules NFPA Rules and DOT rules regarding air pack bottles. Consult them all if in doubt.

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    I sincerely doubt they will be phased out by any governing body. I have a set of steel scuba tanks from 1967 that i am still using. My MSA guy told me that wrapped bottles should be getting the 15 year go ahead very soon from DOT. Personally i prefer and do notice the lighter weight of composite bottles.

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    My personal opinion, is that steel bottles should only be used for air powered tools (chisels, airbags and such)due to their durability. We should get the knee and spine killers off of our backs, and keep them off. We are currently phasing them out, though we still have a few (the guys cringe at the thought of strapping one on their backs). Anyways, it's just my opinion. Be safe and enjoy.

    Oh pretty good...

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    My dept. has phased out all of our steel bottles. Between all the jumpseats and the spares, we have over 70 Scott 4.5's. It will take us a while to call for mutual aid for an air van.

    Glenn Ralston
    Bay Ridge Fire-Rescue

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    we just got some hoop wrapped cylinders 3 years ago when we bought some newer scba, yes they are a little lighter than the steel, but if a few pounds is going to make a difference in my ability, then i need to get in better shape. we still have the steel as backups and for ISO points, and we will have to retire the hoop cylinders in 3 to 4 years unless they drop the 15 year life.
    I wish those of you with surplus steel bottles and possibly other surplus equipment and gear, would please consider Helping Our Own, www.helpingourown.com ,
    we get older surplus equipment and gear donated to small underfunded and new startup departments across the USA, and there is NO LIABILITY for the donating depts.
    Right now i have 2 new startup rural depts near my area, that need virtually everything, we have found one dept a 1950's alf 1000 gpm pumper to get them started. but they need lots more equip and gear. we need turnouts and basic firefighting equipment for many departments across the country. the need is far out running the supply.
    lets please keep the surplus gear in the USA where it is badly needed.
    Captain Tyler Sitzer,
    Weiner Vol Fire & Rescue Dept
    Weiner ARK,
    Arkansas coordinator for Helping Our Own.

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