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    SWIPP Guest

    Post Light Towers

    Does anyone have any info,pro/con, on the Wil-Burt vs. the Super-Vac Command Light. Thanks for the help.

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    JohnM Guest


    I have some experience with the Wil-Burt tower only. We have had one for about 3 years on a new rescue. I don't want to run down someones product, but my experience has been so-so. When it works it is a nice unit. However I have had a cooked circuit board that made 2 of the 4 lights inop. And a few months ago had a broken drift pin on the top of the mast,a broken wire at the top of the mast and limit switch adjustment problems. I think when we are looking at this type of thing in the future, I will seriously look at another company. My opinion is that the more automated and complicated these things get, the harder they will break. I spent many hours on the roof of our rescue figuring this thing out. And in my area (Delaware), couldn't find anybody that had a clue how to fix a light tower. And when I called Wil-Burt with some questions, they were decent to me, but the guy was remarking about our "old" unit. 3 years sure isn't old in fire truck years in my opinion! Good luck.

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    MetalMedic Guest


    Of course I am prejudiced, since Wil-Burt is made in my home town, but we have been pleased with the units we have. The Night-scan on our engine had some problems, but it appears this was due to the company that made the truck getting their fingers inside the components to see what makes the thing work (probably trying to pirate ideas). Wil-Burt has corrected the problem and it seems to work like a champ.

    We have an "old" unit on our crash truck, 2 lamps that you have to manually attach before use. To my knowledge, it has given us no problems at all.

    If you ever want to come to Orrville to visit the Wil-Burt plant, be sure to drop me a line so I can show you around the "big city!"

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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    SWIPP Guest


    Has anyone purchased one of these lately?
    How much?

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    R. KETTLE Guest


    We cover a large rural area from my station and it gets really dark out there. The command light on my engine has been outstanding and I wouldn't trade it for anything else. We are ordering all new apparatus with it and retrofitting old units.

    Your best friends will be the Police officers that have to investigate those late night auto accidents. You'll have all the donuts you can eat if you stick around for a few minutes to light up the world for them.


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    lieut1511 Guest


    Our Dept. uses a Wil-Burt 4 light tower that was placed after market on our rescue about two years ago. We have no complaints and have been pleased with the light. You can definitely light up the world with it.

    Just for the record, I don't eat donuts

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