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    Kyle Wickman Guest

    Talking Dog names

    Does your dog have a name that has something to do with the FD?
    My dog's name is Hoser.

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    MetalMedic Guest


    When I had my dalmatian, she was named "W.S. Darley" (we called her Darley). Around here we have had dalmatians named Seagraves, Pierce, Ember and Ahrens-Fox.

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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    First-Due Guest


    No my rottweiler's name is Simba from the Lion King!

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    Fyrball105 Guest


    yeah I have a dalmation> His Name is "Sparky"

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    firecat1524 Guest


    My cousin used to have a dalmation that he couldn't figure out what to name. After it made several messes around the house, he named it Osha, since Osha always seems to make things worse.

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    mark440 Guest


    Call ours Chief!

    If in doubt - Call us out

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    Resq14 Guest




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    klingerjr33 Guest


    our dept. chief has a dalmations named "ASHES".

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    Dalmatian90 Guest


    Dalmatian 290 is "Jake" (New England slang for a firefighter).

    Dalmatian 190 is "Oscar"...not fire related at all, but has a personality like Oscar Madison. All I need is for him to start smoking cigars while playing poker...

    Chief's Dal is in the crosslay.

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    Phred Guest


    My female German Shepherd is named "Cinder".

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    MTNRESQ Guest


    I have a Golden Retriever named "Maltese"

    My boss has two goldens named "ember" and "cinder"

    Barry Butrymowicz FF/EMT

    The views expressed above in no way represent the views of Mountain Ambulance Service or Riverview Fire Department.

    Remember if it is bleeding - bandage it, if it is on fire - put it out.
    and extricate when you have to.

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    spotthedalmation Guest


    We Recovered A Dog of Of I-80 West after a Wreck last summer -- named him Westbound...

    I'm waiting on a Dalmation ... SPOT

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    FF.FOREVER Guest


    I have a pug dog and his name is "Snuff".

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    chief4102 Guest


    I had a Dalmation named Pager.

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    Snackbar Guest


    My Dalmatian is named "Flash" for flashover.


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    Adler Guest

    Post lab

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    LFD2203 Guest


    had several dalmation names: Tanker, Halligan, Sparky, Ember, "7" short for Engine 7, and Belle, names after a...well....historical.....female....alright, a famous 19th century brothel owner, Belle Breezing, in Lexington.

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    Pastor Dawn Guest


    We try to name our dogs after we know something about their personalities or their attributes. Right now we have a Great Dane mix named Galloway (Celtic for "small horse") and a German Shepard named Schultz (German for "protector")

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    benson911 Guest


    Our firehouse dalamation's name is "Blaze."

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    HHoffman Guest


    I have a Black Lab named Chief.

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    ArmyTruckCompany Guest


    I have two dalmatians- My male is "Tiller", named after the only, true style of truck company.

    My female's name is Brooklyn, because I am an FDNY buff, and I thought it was a neat name for a female!!

    "Loyalty above all else, except honor."

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    Firediver Guest


    I had a Dalmation named "Arson"
    and now have a Chocolate Lab named "Beaux"

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    Andrew R. Duval Guest


    We have 2 Dals, brother and sister. The Males AKC name is Rex My Captain, Rex for short. Rex was my wifes idea and Captain was my rank at the time we got the dogs. The females AKC name is Sweet Smokin' Cinders. Cinders for short. She had this "sweet" look on her face when we picked her out of the litter. The Smokin' Cinders comes from the parents. Smokin' Ashes was Dad and Burning Cinders was Mom. Wouldn't trade them for anything.


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    Engine 101 Guest


    One lafd fire stations was found an abonaded dog and named it Bruin, Mainly due to the fact that they were first due to the campus of UCLA, We named our's after one of the mascots on Emergency Henry, Except our dog is not lazy!, The two LAFD houses have a rivalry they both named there dogs Trojan and Bruin they are both first due to those schools, If I ever get a pet of my own I will name him either Gage or Desoto

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    Grumman41 Guest


    Our Black Lab/ Weimereiner mix is named Grumman. Named by my boys for our Grumman Firecat.

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