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    We've got about 500 hydrants in our district. They are otherwise maintained by the water company, except of course when it snows

    We ask property owners to shovel them out, but we do mark them with orange flag posts in the fall. After a snowstorm, we usually arrange for crews to go out with the trucks to check and shovel them out.

    Hillcrest FD

    LEGAL INFO: Any and all views I've expressed above and on this site are not representative of my department. They are my personal opinions and views.

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    Our department gives each member three hydrants to keep clear. it is your job ti keep it clear when it snows

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    The people who have hydrants on their property are supposed to shovel out the hydrant. But we ride around anyway after a storm to check and if not do it ourselves.

    The statements above are my own opinions

    FF Greg Grudzinski
    Oaklyn Fire Dept.
    Station 18-3

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    We don't have to worry about that. 74 degrees today, what a beaut on the links!!
    Peace and nycck,nycck,

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