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    Question Air Supply for Air Tools

    Can composite air bottles be used to operate air tools. If so for how long. If not then what is used for this practice.

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    Yes, you can use old composite bottles. You must purchase a regulator and depending on the tool it will last quite a long time.

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    Yes, SCBA bottles can be used for air tools and air bag systems -- you just need the pressure regulators and adapters. Our old rescue truck had 200' hose reels that ran off of the truck's air brake systems. New truck has a 200' hose that is supplied by the on board 6000 psi breathing air cascade system -- we can run air tools forever! Still used SCBA bottles for air bags.

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    Yes, Composite scba bottles can be used for air tools. How long they will last depends on the size of the bottle (half hr/ hour bottle), what tool being used, or the size of the airbag, Etc.
    I know of one county that only uses the old steel bottles for air tools, this is so the don't get mixed with the breathing air bottles. They had a problem in the past with something that grew in the bottle (fungus or something), and someone used it for breathing air and got sick from it.
    Here we have 200' reels on the squads that run off of the cascade system. Run tools forever. We also do have the capability to run off scba bottles also.
    Running air tools off the apparatus air tanks puts an unnessessary workload on the vehicles compressors, which really were not designed for that type of use.

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    We use composite bottles (2216 psi) for running an air chisel, filling low pressure air bags, and also filling a self supporting hazmat decon tent.
    I havent needed to used the air chisel much, but when I have I only needed 1 bottle.
    The low pressure bags only use 1 bottle, and the tent used 2 bottles.
    Stay Safe RescueDude

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