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    Engine 101 Guest

    Talking Number Scheme

    What is your favorite number for a Fire Truck, Mine are 101 and 51

    Does that make sense now!

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    BucksEng91 Guest

    Red face

    Ummm...what are you talking about? The numbering scheme for your county / whatever, or just a favorite number, like wanting a certain number on your football jersey?

    J. Black

    The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and may not reflect those of any organization with which I am associated.

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    M G Guest


    People are going to laugh at you kid, this topic makes no sense.

    The information presented herin is simply my opinion and does not represent the opinion or view of my employer(s) or any department/agency to which I belong.

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    MetalMedic Guest


    What the heck... a thread has been posted, let's talk about it.

    How about apparatus numbering schemes?

    At one time in this county, there was a grand plan to number each department geographically as stations 10,20, 30,40, etc. and then number each stations apparatus according to station. Mine being Base 60, and trucks 61, 62, 63, etc...

    The BIG plan was to have the truck number designate what the truck was...

    x1 - Grass/Brush
    x2 - Tanker (Water Tender)
    x3 - Rescue
    x4 - Squad (Ambulance)
    x5 - Squad
    x6 - Aeriel
    x7 - Special Service Vehicles
    x8 - Engine
    x9 - Engine

    Of course, no one that currently had a number assigned to something different wanted to change.. so now we try to identify ourselves as "Engine 69" and "Squad 61".

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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    Engine58 Guest


    What was the original post? I seen a title that interested me, I go to read about it and all it says is forget it? Just leave it up what you had, who cares what anyone else says..Like Metal Said..You made a Topic Thread leave it there so people can talk about it.

    South Amboy, New Jersey
    EMS Cadet in NJ

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    FLAME5 Guest


    BUT YOU ASKED "5" OR"69"

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    FireDocCJC Guest


    First Off. No topic is stupid or boreing. I have seen some odd posts but I think that this one makes some since.

    The truck on my department that I like the number to is our first out engine for structure fires. Engine 255. Yes I am the type of firefighter that loves a good structure fire. Prefered one that is unoccupied and stable enough to make an interior fight. Able to be saved and intense to fight. I just get the rush when I drive the truck away from the station and and say over the radio, "Cecom, Engine 255 enroute." but that is the way we do things and there are many other ways of doing it.

    To each his own.

    Fire Doc

    Keep your head below the smoke but in the game.
    The opinions expressed here are my own and not that of my fire department or of the United States Military.

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    OFDLUIT33 Guest


    No thread is stupid just as there is no stupid question. In my county there are several dispatch agencies but everyone is given a bank of ten numbers to use. Since the main dispatch frequency used in the county I belive is registered to my department(154.190) however we are not dispatched on it any longer we have our own(154.235) we are assigned 0-9. Our unit designations are Squad-0;Engines-1,2,4,5;Hook and Ladder-9;and Tanker-1. We have several other support equipment but most are brush trucks or chiefs vehicles. Most departments have tried to number Squads ending in zero and H&L ending in 9(example Fairview Heights Ladder 29 or East Side Ladder 409. My favorite of course is my engine O'Fallon Engine One.

    The views here are mine and do not reflect that of my department or any of it's members.

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    Engine58 Guest


    Ok mine are 952 and 952 52 is my favorite Ambulance To Ride on and 51 is our New Rescue Truck, Also For the fire Deparment 508 My Brothers Ladder Truck # anddd...58..Thats for FDNY ENGINE 58....Bought a hat with FDNY Eng 58 on it and Liked the # ever since..may sound strange but hey..its works... Thanks for putting up the question...Didnt know what hte last question was but this seems to make sense to me...

    South Amboy, New Jersey
    EMS Cadet in NJ

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    firebartman Guest


    I'm not to sure about this topic either, but on our dept. each Engine Co. is given the number of it's station. However we currently only have seven stations. We also designate reserve pumpers or back up engine companies with a 3 and the station number it's assigned to, (ie. at station # 5 we have "Eng. 5" and a reserve pumper "Eng. 35"

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    fireater Guest


    our station has 240 and up to 249

    XX0 tanker
    XX1 rescues
    XX2 engine
    XX3 chief
    XX4 engine
    XX5 engine
    XX6 engine
    XX7 asst. chief
    XX8 asst. chief
    XX9 brush truck
    we don't have to stay this way one of our other asst. chiefs are 240 since we have 2 pumper tankers 244/246 we don't use 240 at the present time.

    Stay Safe and remember to put the wet stuff on the red stuff

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    FitzBFDT2 Guest

    Thumbs up



    I think you guys know which # I like.

    Kevin M. Fitzhenry,
    Firefighter, Truck Co. 2
    City of Bayonne (NJ) FD

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    Engine58 Guest



    South Amboy, New Jersey
    EMS Cadet in NJ

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    Firefighter454 Guest


    Each department in our county is issued 3 numbers to assign to their truck. Our department is 13,14 and 15.We can issue different types of trucks to each number,like
    Engine 13,Tanker 13, Brush 14,Engine 14,Tanker 14,Engine 13,Service 13,tanker 13.

    Not the best in my opinion,but it works.

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    firecat1524 Guest


    Our numbering system goes like this:

    Station # and
    1,2,3 are pumpers
    4 and 6 are tankers
    5 could be a pumper or tanker

    squads, rescues, service trucks,chief's cars and brush trucks all have just the kind of truck and the station number.


    Station 1 would have Engine 11, Engine 12, Tanker 14, Rescue 1, Brush Truck 1, and Car1

    Individual radio numbers are different from station to station, but are F-Station # and 01 - 99

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    Engine 101 Guest


    Wel what do you know, The post that everyone thought was dumb and that I would get laughed at seems to be doing pretty well

    Engine 101
    There are no dumb questions, The only dumb questions are the ones that are never asked

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    Fireboy422 Guest

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    Here we have a county wide dispatching, so the first or first two numbers (if the dept. have 4 digit numbers) are the department. Ex my department is 400, surrounding depts. are 500, 000, 100, 200, 600. The second # represents type of apparatus:

    xx1 - 1000 gal or less onboard water pumper
    xx2 - >1000 gal pumper
    xx4 - arial
    xx6 - tanker
    xx8 - other (grass rig, light rescue)
    xx9 - command (chief, deputy chief, lieutenant, captain, squad leader)

    the last number usualy is the station the truck is at:
    xxx1 - station 1
    xxx2 - station 2
    xxx3 - station 3

    we also have two county owned CFR trucks

    I'm partial to 423 (my station's only city side truck) and Rescue 1 (R-1) (my department runs the ARFF for the county) R-1 is an Oshkosh, need I say more?

    -FF D. Betka
    Norton Shores, MI

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    RFD220 Guest


    In Dutchess Co. N.Y. the apparatus is numbered in the following way.
    Each department has a number designating them in the field. In the past you would say your department name and apparatus number but now it breaks down as:
    63=Department number
    11-20+Engine numbers
    40-50=Ladder trucks
    50-60=Heavy rescues
    60-70=Brush (utility) trucks
    71- Ambulances
    So an example would be a vehicle fire on main street U.S.A. 63-11 (for Roosevelt engine 1) 63-14 (for Roosevelt Engine 4) 63-51 (for the rescue) and 63-71 for the ambulance.
    It really cuts down on radio traffic and makes it very easy to follow calls from a dispatcher point of view.

    Jeffrey D. Grey-Captain
    Roosevelt Fire District-Hyde Park,N.Y.

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    firedoc6 Guest


    We have 52 stations. Engines are numbered according to the station number. Our 26 truck companies and 26 units (ambulances) are randomly placed. EXAMPLE: Engine 7, Snorkel 13, Unit 1. There was some talk of renumbering all the companies the number of the house, but most of our firefighters objected. So, this brings a new twist to the topic. Which numbering system do you prefer, and why? Most of us felt as if too many of the same numbers on the radio at the same time could get confusing. I'm sure tradition has something to do with it also.

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    daysleeper47 Guest


    Well, my cities FD is very old school. [b/]WE WERE THE FIRST ALL-MOTORIZED DEPT. IN THE COUNTRY![b/] Anyway, the engines correspond to the stations. We at one time or another had 15 stations, so the engines go E2, E3, E6, E7, E9, E12, E15. The ladders go L22 at Station 1 and L24 at Station 2. I have no idea where they got that scheme for the Ladders. (We haven't had an engine at Station 1 since god knows when) The Squid(as the Dept. calls it), Rescue Squad to everyone else, is Res33cue. My personal favorite is Engine 7. It is first-due to my house and is the only Tele-Squrt around. Ok, so they might not work all that well, but I think they look cool when you put it on an '89 Pierce Arrow.

    "When the bell goes ding-ding, its time to get on the woo-woo."
    "Dusting desire - starting to learn. Walking through fire with out a burn..."

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    ME93 Guest


    Our number scheme is designated by the district within our county. Which happens to be district 9. Then our station #.

    Batallion 9
    Station 91
    -engine 91
    -ladder 91
    -medic heavy rescue 91
    -tanker 91
    -reserve engine 96
    -reserve ambulance 96
    Station 92
    -medic engine 92
    -ambulance 92
    -grass 92
    -boat 92
    Station 93
    -medic engine 93 (my favorite)
    -ambulance 93
    -tactical 93
    Station 94
    -medic engine 94
    -ambulance 94

    Fishers Fire Dept.
    Local 416

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