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    I personally wear my hood most of the time. I think it is ridiculous to expose yourself any more than you have to. I conceed the feeling of security is high and can lead to "getting in too deep" but that should be re-enforced with proper training in being aware of fire conditions. The photo posted hear says alot I think. Finally, there may be some workers comp considerations if you are injured and not properly protected.

    Views stated do not reflect that of my department or local.

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    Wow... thanks for the responses! I just want to clarify my original post's message. The times that I do not wear a hood are few and far between. What I describe to be "small fires" include such annoyances as food on the stove, or a piece of clothing draped over a lamp that lights off, or a smoking appliance. Fires that are smoky and irritating enough to require a mask, but can be handled with an extinguisher. I feel I've been misread by many of you, although your answers, comments and the picture obviously make sense. Thaks for the replies, and stay safe, brothers...

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