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    Red face

    In our department Officers,EMT's, and some daytime drivers are either issued or purchase their own portables. I for one have a sabre,Visar and Kenwood for the car but before you all go calling me a "radio ricky" let me explain.
    The Kenwood is a dual band so that I may monitor either two fire freqs (dispatch for updates and command for onscene activity) or a fire freq and an EMS freq. It is mounted in my vehicle and purchased by me.
    Next are the visar and saber. The visar is used when I am involved in command operations and the saber for interior operations. Both were also purchased by me. This leaves radios on the rigs for the interior teams who really need them. We carry two on each first line rig and 1 on the second lines. Our heavy rescue also has 5 or so in case other crews are operating (sectors) or we can give a radio or two to mutual aid departments who may not share frequencies we use. To say that interior crews should not get a radio is shocking (ohiofiremed57's chief). This Chief obviously must have forgotten what it was like to be inside a house heavily charged with fire trying to get your pump operator to jack up the pressure on the handline. Hopefully his ignorance is limited to communications and not the remainder of firefighting operations. Maybe he should be given a kick out the door in the next elections!
    *Opinions are mine and not necessarily shared by any orginizations I may be involved with*
    Jeffrey D. Grey-Captain
    Roosevelt Fire District-Hyde Park,N.Y.

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    OSHA will hang you from the nearest hose tower if you ever lose someone or get someone seriously hurt and they were inside without a radio! I don't know the reg but communications is definitely a key. It may not specifically say a 'radio' but if not, then you have to be within sight or speaking range and with SCBA how far can you talk so that someone can understand you? 3 feet? It's almost impossible to hear your partner on an attack line without repeating yourself at least twice and using hand signals to make yourself understood!

    I would think very seriously about whether I was going inside someplace without having any means of communicating with the outside. That's a great way to get burned when somebody lets go from outside and pushes fire, heat, water, and steam back in your face! Especially, god forbid, with a bigger stream than you're carrying and aside from all the other bad things that can happen inside. I'd also have a serious problem with an officer that asked me to go inside without a radio...unless it was a life or death/'we gotta go now' rescue attempt.

    Stay smart and safe!

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    We have 3 portables to a fire supression unit,1 on each EMS unit. And all Chiefs are issued a portable.

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