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    Post 2000 Run Stats

    We just got our run stats for 2000 here they are The Monrovia Fire Department Run Stats for 1999 and 2000
    122 Fire Calls
    1.567 EMS Calls
    59 Haz Mat Incidents
    Total 2,351 runs for 1999

    For 2000
    252 Fire Calls
    2,060 Ems Calls
    32 Haz Mat Incidents
    960 Other Service Incidents
    3,304 Runs for 2000
    So what were your stats for 2000?

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    BayRidge60 Guest


    I posted a question in the volunteer forum on how many calls everyone did in 2000. I didn't think of doing it here, mosly because I'm a vollie.

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    OFDLUIT33 Guest


    We don't have a breakdown yet but the O'Fallon Volunteer Fire Department who protect 44 square miles of St.Clair County Illinois responded to 659 calls in 2000 which was up 110 from the 549 we responded to in 1999. I will update with a breakdown as soon as we get one.

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    Captain Gonzo Guest


    The Marlborough Fire Department responded to 5,800 incidents for 2000; an 8.75% increase in runs over 1999. We also performed 1,411 inspection details.

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    spotthedalmation Guest


    Pocono Township, PA ran 396 Runs, Up slightly from last year. When I get the full break-down I'll be sure to post it.

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    FD111 Guest


    South Montgomery County FD ran 1750 calls for 2000. Don't have the exact break down but around 63% of those calls were medical. This is up 300 calls from 1999.

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    fireman116 Guest


    The Mountain Home Fire Department ran 1244 runs in 2000, a 25% increase over 1999. 71% of the calls were for medical assistance and auto accidents.

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    TXFIRE6 Guest

    Thumbs up

    City of Waco(TX) fire department had 10,146 runs in 2000. My Engine, E-6 ran 1140 of those with; 197 structure fires(17.28%),578 medical emergencies(50.7%), 20 car fires(1.75%), 35 rescue calls(3.07%), 36 smoke(3.15%), 38 trash fires(3.33%), 69 service(6.05%),64 alarm activations(5.61%), 92 miscellaneous calls(8.07%, and 11 grass fires(.96%).Only reason I know this is because I totaled them up.

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    I don't the totals for the department yet but Eng Co. 23 made 3718 in 2000 up from 3416 in 1999. That puts us second busiest in Cincinnati behind Eng Co. 5 they made a little over 3800.

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    Why? It's not like you're going to visit me! But I'm near Waco, Texas


    in the year 2000 we only ran 91 calls. this year so far we have ran 242 calls.
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