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    Question How does your department handle leather boots

    I am looking for information on how those of you who work for departments that allow you to wear leather bunker boots, but do not issue them. The department I work for issues rubber boots, but there are several of us who wish to wear leather. What I want to know is does your department offer any money toward the purchase of leather boots, or do you have to cover the cost out of pocket?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Before we went to a quartermaster system and one for one replacement, we had to buy them out of our annual clothing allowance.

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    My department does not issue or supplement the cost of leather bunker boots. There are a few of us that have purchased them on our own, fortunatly there is a company locally that will let you buy gear and have it payroll deducted in increments. But, bottom line is we have to purchase these things ourselves. But I hear rumors that NFPA is going to drop their approval of leather boots because of contamination issues, be careful and research before you buy. By the way I love mine and will buy another pair when these wear out, going on 5 years so far.

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    My Department issues the ruber boots as part of our turnout gear. Is someone wants leather, the Department will pay the cost of the rubber boots and they have to make up the difference. Most personnel who take advantage of this will put the balance on their clothing allowance.

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    As Chief I learned a big lesson on this issue. When we converted to a combination department the paid personnel wanted to go to leather. What we did was make the firefighter )paid or volunteer) make up the difference in cost out of pocket. Then the personnel bought me a pair of leather. Now our department buys only leather. The extra cost is worth the comfort of the personnel. We did not immediately go out and purchase all leather boots for everyone but all replacements purchased are leather. I will be more open minded about change in the future.

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    We aren't issued leathers, but the Captain has to clear the boots. The criteria is that they are NFPA approved for interior structural firefighting. The department has a uniform allowance it issues to members for replacing equipment annually. The firefighter is permitted to use this allowance towards the approved boots.

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