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    Question Work Shirt / Job Shirt

    Anyone know of some "less-known" places to purchase embroidered job shirts / work shirts? I have an R-Heroes work shirt purchased from Our Designs and have also seen what is listed in Galls... I'd prefere something more unique than the standard dark blue with darker blue collar.

    I know I've seen them offered in other colors such as black, red, grey, etc... but can't see to remember where.

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    If I stand corrected the colored ones are not for work duty if that is what you are looking for.

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    We just went to a polo style duty shirt. White with grey trim for staff, grey with navy trim for Capt's and Lt's, and Navy with red trim for Driver's and FF's. We went through a local vendor who did an outstanding job with the multi-colored embrodiary we spec'd. (T&S Printing 1-580-536-1234)

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    I can't really offer much in the way of other places to shop, but I will say this:
    I bought a job shirt from Gall's a couple of years ago, and I love it! Their job shirts are all-cotton, as opposed to the 80/20 blend most of the others use. I think it'll hold up better in the long run, and I know it looks better.
    If you're determined to get a strange color combination, try the local uniform shops - I know the company that contracts for our uniforms has a whole rack of red/gray, blue/gray and blue-blue shirts.

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    Thumbs up

    If you're interested, email me at

    I might be able to put you on someone who can get the job shirts in differant colors...the person just got them for my Volunteer Dept and she told me they came in differant color combos...of course we stuck with blue. This person also does custom embroidery on the shirts.

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    Turk are you talking about the "Ruben Brother" sweatshirt that GAME now makes or just a work uniform shirt?

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    Try the Fire Barn in Milford, NH. They have R Heros brand job shirts listed in the latest catalog. The colors they show are navy, gray, black, green, and red, and they show several differen embroidery options.

    The contact info. is:

    The Fire Barn
    42 South Street
    PO Box 11
    Milford, NH 03055-0011
    1-800-825-0911 to order
    603-673-1374 for info. www.firebarn.com

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    FF McDonald
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    Not sure this will help - but I believe that these guys offer work shirts/job shirts in other than Navy/Navy.


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    darley.com has different colors, too...

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    I've had a red/blue collar elbows, and a grey with blue. I really loved the red one, it looked very nice, and I got a lot of complements on that one. We only wear the dark blue at work, so I don't have any different colored ones anymore, but I wish I could get us to go to the red.

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    Ross Johnson
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    R-Heros makes Job shirts from Red to Green to grey. I have a had a lot of experieacne ordered job shirts and sucha nd I highly ADVISE AGAINST GALLS!!!! GO to a local embrotiery(spelled wrong I know)shop and get a cataloge. Then find what u like. They have many different style job shirts. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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    I have been refered to this forum through customers whom are Fire Fighters

    I am a designer for DYESPORT and we custom design and manufacture our own line of apparel by means of a technology called Dye Sublimation. We have over 150 products including jackets. We have Mechanic Shirts that can be modified to your specs. We also have screen printing and embroidery as well.

    We are also introducing a line of shirts and jackets for Fire Dept wear. The web site has not been updated as of yet for this new line. If interested I can e-mail you an image what I am referring to.

    Check out...

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