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    knobhog354 Guest


    The logical thing to me is try them all out and see what works best for your particular area. I try not to become too dependent on the pre-connects because we have some large apartment houses that require us to be able to back stretch or go fire to hydrant. Always keep the "options" open -- don't become too dependent on one type. One of the big drawbacks today with the Mattydales are that the pump panels are pushing the hose beds higher and higher, thus making it more difficult to stretch from safely and efficiently. Like I said, don't leave yourself without diversity...

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    HVFD32 Guest


    Well we have two engines set up with 2 crosslays, and one rear preconnect. We find that with a triple layer load on the cross lays one firefighter can handle getting an attack line off, and posted. I would like to see more front loaded preconncets, as they are more readily dispatched.

    Thanks good subject

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    firehat87 Guest


    We run with two speedlays (waist height) under a top mount pump panel. We have a preconnected trash line on the running board next to the captain's side jumpseat. We also have two preconnects on the back, one 1.75in and one 2.5in. Our new pumper will have the same setup, except for that the trash line will be recessed into the fron bumper and not on the side running board.

    In Omnia Paratus

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    trumpeter75 Guest


    Our engines have top-mount pumps, with (2) 1 1/2 and (1) 2 1/2 preconnect right there, accessible from either side. They also have a, 1 1/2 trash line on the front bumper, and a 4" preconnect out of the hose bed (for monitors, supplying the ladder, etc.) The ladder has 1 1/2 preconnect off the front bumper in addition to all the platform goodies.

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    Firehose Guest


    We designed a choice in our newest engine with front, cross and speedlays, and rear preconnects. The most used however is the 100 foot front jump line. second is the 150 foot or 200 foot speed lays with the rear blitz line next. The least used are the 2 crosslays.

    Good Luck

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    THE NCFD Guest


    All of our new rigs are coming with 3 1.75" crosslay preconnects. All are top mount pumps. They also have 2.50" load in rear with a nozzle... not connected. All of our older rigs utilize 2 1.75" preconnect crosslays with the exception of our 2 oldest that have them off the rear.

    Grant Mishoe
    Engineer, Station #4
    North Charleston F.D.
    THENCFD Online!

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    Lewiston2Capt Guest


    Our older engine with the pump panel up top has 6 pre connect lines. 3-1 3/4 seed lays (250 ft.), 2-1 3/4 top crosslays (250 ft.), and a 1 3/4 foam eductor (200 ft.). All of the pre connects have TFT nozzles.

    On our newer rescue pumper, we have 2 preconnected 150' 1 3/4 trash lines off of the front bumper, and 2-1 3/4 off the back. One of each of the front and rear pre connects is foam capable. all of those have TFT nozzles.

    Our tanker with front mount pump has two 1- 3/4 cross lays with TFT nozzles.

    The only apparatus that we have straight bore tips on is our deck gun/monitor.

    Shawn M. Cecula
    Lewiston Fire Co. No. 2

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