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    Captain Gonzo
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    Paddy...I see you are from Waterbury..I see fires in your community come over my buff network pager...a lot! Learn from each and every call you go on. For the last 6 years, I have kept a personal log about the calls I have gone on and noted anything different or unusual. I wish I started it when I first came on the job in 1981!

    There has been a lot of good advice here. Two things I would like to add is to keep an open mind and don't be afraid the "think outside of the box". Basic firefighting operations are somewhat predictable...the fire isn't!

    And on the eighth day...God created Firefighters!
    Captain Gonzo

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    F52 Westside
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    Paddymeboy - Just listen to the advice you have read from above, it is all good. The one thing I would add is to "Don't let the bad stuff get you down, you will get over thru it.".

    Eddie C. - a.k.a - PTFD21
    ECarn21's Homefire Page
    Local 3008
    "Doin' it for lives n' property"

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    Welcome to the Brotherhood!

    Learn as much as you possibly can and then some more and more and more. And you still won't have enough training to stay current.

    Learn who you can and can't trust (on and off the fireground), stay loyal to your Bro's without jammin' yourself.

    Follow the chain of commmand, face every job headon and provide the best service that you personally can provide and you will do just fine.

    Stay SAFE and have fun!!!

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    A few helpful tips from NJ.
    1)If it is in the refrigerator with no name on it,its fair game.
    2)Sleep with your socks on.
    3)Don't manage to **** off your captain.(if you do, kiss his ***)
    4)Macaroni and cheese and smoke inhalation dont mix.
    5)If its your turn in the rotation as the driver of the engine or truck, make sure you know where your going before you leave the station.(it is also important not to mix up an avenue and a street ie. Cedar Ave/Cedar St.)
    6)Keep ear plugs next to your bed, for snorers.
    7)Keep a trash can handy for department memos an policy changes.
    8)Stay away from the man with the white hat, because s#!t rolls down hill.
    9)Eat nothing greasy,take my word for it there is nothing worse then being in the can when the bells go off.
    10)Never ever listen to the police. 99% of the time there wrong. There mostly just jealous.

    and most important:Kiss the publics ***, they pay your salary.
    Hope we were helpful.......
    See...ya, be safe.

    NJ/FMBA is good.
    Go NY Yankees!!!!

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    good stuff! keep it coming


    "a mick on the tip"

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    Welcome aboard hope you have a wonderful career, never think you know it all,because if you think that then it's time to get out of this bussiness. Before you get yourself hurt or killed or somebody else.There's always something you can learn,even if the training gets the same, I always pick up something I missed before.

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    Refer back to JBingo18's post, be sure to read those memo's and policy changes BEFORE throwing them away, if you can't follow instructions, you're no good to the dept. Yes, the public does pay your salary, if you do your job, you won't have to kiss their ***. remember, you're NEW please don't get attitude just yet..... Ok, now for my advice
    1.Accept change, you don't have to like, try to accept it
    2.Sometimes you have to agree to disagree with others
    3.Be honest with yourself & your crew
    4.Remember the basics
    5.Communicate w/ your family at home, this career is cause for alot of divorce, if you have some in your dept. Get advice on family from them, if your personal life is good, your career will be a blast.
    6.Load your pockets with all the junk you want, it won't make you better at your job, just heavier!
    7.Don't lie to the public or your supervisor
    8.Express your idea's, try new things
    9.You won't please everyone, be your own person
    10.remember how long it took you to get where you are, it could be got at any minute BE SAFE!!!!
    11.If it's your fault, admit to it
    12.Dont walk around quoting scenes from "BACKDRAFT", you can have a bad day at work without people dying.

    that's my thought's thats my thoughts, take them as you wish..........

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    Man, I wish I had something like this when I was a probie!! All No. 1 advice in all posts. I'll try to add some.
    1. Whatever you do in the publics eye, right or wrong, will reflect back on you and your department.
    2. Be fair to everyone. If you take sides, be wary of the outcome.
    3. Go home. Then GO HOME. Whether or not you answer to a higher calling is none of my bizness, but don't drop your problems on your family and expect them to deal with it.
    4. Don't wear your feelings on your shirtsleeves, good way to get your *** kicked.
    5. If you don't respect the man, respect the rank!
    6. Don't dis your brothers it WILL come back and bite ya.
    7. If you whine, expect to get offered copious amount of cheese.
    8. Act...Don't react.
    9. Lastly (I could ramble on, 24 years worth of hard knocks) what my former Chief always lived by "Do your best. Do what is right. And do it first."


    Just my opinions, not my departments. If they are alike, it usually means somethin's gonna happen!

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