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    LFD2203 Guest


    let me try this again
    HAMMER 14
    sorry jodie, got you confused with your running mate.

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    pyroknight Guest


    Just so ya know that we have ghosts out here in the West too . . . My last department had a station where one of the resident firefighters killed herself. I had heard all the stories, but didn't believe 'em. Even after standing in the bay and having one of the engine doors swing open with no one around I didn't believe. Then one night I was laying in my bunk when I was awakened by a creak in the floor at the far end of the house. A moment later the floor creaked a little closer. Then again on the other side of the wall. Then at the foot of the bed. Suddenly, the temperature dropped sharply. I mean DROPPED. I wrapped up in the covers and, deciding there wasn't anything I could do about a ghost, went back to sleep. About fifteen minutes later I woke up sweating because the room had warmed back up. It's kind of hard to maintain your doubts after an experience like that.

    Other firefighters encountered her in the hall at night as a dark figure, but when they turned on the lights there was no one there.

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    HAMMER14 Guest


    So, is Buffy still employed by LFD??
    This Ain't too fair, You can guess me, of course how many people do you know up here?
    Are you an Ex-Lt that moved up? Let me know.

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    CFD14 Guest


    This isn't much of a haunting or ghost story. We have a cat that appears and disappears. You can chase it through the bays, living room, bunk room, kitchen, offices and never catch that cat. One Lt. thought he had it cornered, flipped on the light and it was gone. It only appears at night.

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    tom420 Guest

    Red face

    Our firehouse was built in 1879, it was one of the first firehouses in the area. We have a lifetime member named Henry Paxon, we call him Henny. Henny was a member from about 1900 to about 1950. Usually if you are alone you will hear footsteps in the atic, you will hear doors slam but noone walks in. Once two guys were working on hand tools in the back room and an axe flew off a table and slid into the back of their feet. Once someone saw through the front door window that the officers seat on the truck was open, when he looked down to open the door and walked in the door had already been closed. Nothing more serious happens, but there is always a weird feeling in the place.

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    Firekat4 Guest


    Our fire dept is haunted by a man named, Mr. Jones. The story dates back many years before we built a new station. Mr. Jones died at the old firehouse from a heart attack after battling a house fire. A chief told me a story once: "I went to the restroom which was off of the hallway. On my way in, I sat my brand new pack of cigarettes on the file cabinet outside of the doorway. When I came out, the cigarettes were lined end-to-end down the hallway." Another firefighter about a year later, had an encounter with a "Mr. Jones Experience." He and another guy were watching TV one night when the clock above the TV flew off the wall, landed in the center of the room, spun around a few times, then landed on a book shelf. When the last and oldest of our trucks was being brought over to the new station, the passenger seat was saved for Mr. Jones. All of the "haunted firehouse" stories never really had me believing, until Mr. Jones gave me a story of my own. I have this thing about open shower curtains...I notice when they are open and I have to close them. I had walked into the restroom to clean it but forgot a trashbag...the shower curtain was open. When I walked back in, about 30 seconds later, the curtain was closed. That is the only story that is personal. Other than that, doors opening and closing by themselves, lights coming on and off, etc, stuff like that. So that's my story and I'm stickin to it.

    Katrina Williamson

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    LFD2203 Guest


    hey HAMMER 14, did you know that your old lex. house has rumors of a spirit?? remember Carl Travis?? after he died in 1983, guys swore that strange things went on there. i can remember the water in the kitchen sink coming on by itself. (saw it ruin a whole batch of fudge one day) they say it really picked up when them moved the original eng-8 (the 1965 maxim) out.....
    b t w, i am not the ex-lt with your hair color. he is maj. over dist. 3 on third.....
    keep guessing.

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    Mr.Meaner Guest

    Thumbs up

    Our firehouse isn't haunted, at least not on a regular basis, but one of our engines is.

    Two examples I have personally seen and experienced are; first, we were responding to a call in a dark secluded industrial area one night when the engine suddenly sputtered, stalled, and coasted to a stop just before a railroad crossing with no gates. Just as we stopped a freight train came through. The engine started right up and ran fine after the train passed. Second example happened one blazing hot summer afternoon when we were called to a highway construction site for a burning shanty. We pulled up and began advancing the handline when it suddenly seemed like the hose became tangled up in the hosebed. We went back to the engine to check and just then the shanty blew up into thousands of tiny pieces. There were NO tangles in the hose, and it wasn't caught or hung up anywhere.

    One story I only heard about; it involves our very old town mechanic, who because of very poor vision was nicknamed Mr. Magoo. While he was driving the engine to the town garage for service a child ran into the street after a ball, and despite his excessive speed, poor vision, bad reaction time, and what should have been a very long stopping distance the engine stopped with room to spare!

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    Neptune 33 Guest


    Mr. Meaner, out of curiousity, what kind of engine is it that this happened to?

    Neptune 33

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    Mr.Meaner Guest


    1968 American LaFrance

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    One13Truck Guest


    Mr. Meaner,

    We have a 69 LaFrance with the opposite problem. It doesn't want to stop..... Of course it's due to it being old and having parts go all the time, don't know how many times it's had the breaks fixed on it. * L * But when the town won't buy you a new one just have to keep fixing what you have. Wish I did have a story to share but in 1972 when Agnes came through the flood wiped out our old Station. I don't know if there was any stories about it because it was before my time but unless you count the Boro administrator and the town council the new building is as far from haunted as can be. The '69 is only 1st out on brush fires which we rarely have in town and is 2nd out on all other calls, 1st out is an '81 LaFrance. We also have a '71 LaFrance Ladder. None haunted just like the building but I've always said the things and changes these pieces have seen if they could only talk the stories they could tell........ But unfortunately no ghosts.

    Edwardsville Emergency Services, Station 10
    We came, we saw, WE KICKED IT'S *****!!!

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    eCappy Guest


    Our firehouse is built on a hill overlooking a bend in the river. Legend has it that the hill was once a burial site for the Native Americans of the area, and we have found arrowheads and pottery each time we've dug to add an addition. I'm not sure if it's 'haunted' but I've been there on some really really hazy hot and humid days when all of a sudden an icy cold colllllld breeze just blows right through the joint.

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    djohler Guest

    Red face

    Although our building has only been around since the 70's it has its spooks. One night all of the sirens and lights started going off on the ambulance. Doors will close but nobody else is in the dept

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    wrongWAY Guest


    My father's volunteer fire company also found Indian arrowheads while they were digging for an addition to the firehouse back in the 50s, but they also unearthed cannonballs and buttons. If my memory is right, some expert said that the cannonballs were from the American revolution and that the buttons were from a Hessian soldier. (Hessians were mercenaries that the British used against Washington's army). BUT - strange things began happening while those items the firemen dug up were in the firehouse. First off, anyone that touched the items got very ill with high fevers and rash. The guys that actually dug up the items were very bad off; and their feet became swollen and turned black and blue. The door to the firehouse would also swing open just as someone approached, and the doors to the huge cast iron firehouse oven would open and close all by itself. Someone in the company said that they should bury the items; put them back in the ground - and when they did everyone got better, and all the strange things stopped happening.

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    ldlane Guest


    Station 4, has had a few weird occurances, that can't be explained, like one day, we had all the doors locked and had just cleaned the storage room up and I placed some creepers in the corner of the room. It was just me and another guy at the station, and he was on the phone, and I was working at the desk, when I heard some noise out in the bay, well I thought it was my partner, that made the noise, but he was in the back room, and he came out and said who's in the bay, and I said I didn't know so we took a look, probably 30 seconds after the sound and no one was there, but a creeper was placed with wheels up right in the middle of the floor. I know no on could have got in and out before we opened the door. We checked all doors and windows and they were locked. We always hear funny sounds in the station, and our doors are always open in the morning, after we secure them at night. This has went on for years, And its not like everyone in the department knows about this, so I know its not pranksters. But its still weird.

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    Michael Gregorio Guest


    This story takes place in Fayetteville, NC and the department I used to work for there. When I was assigned to Engine 2, I had heard all kinds of stories of it being haunted. Footsteps, doors opening, writing on the wall, and even a sighting are all the things I was told about.
    I heard some things once in a while but the one time I was really spooked happened in late 2000. I was lying in bed, about 2 am when I heard footsteps approach my bunk and stop behind me, between my bed and the wall. The first thing I thought was that I had slept through a call but then I saw that my LT was still asleep and I noticed the radio was quiet. I could feel someone standing beside the bed and as much as I didn't want to I slowly turned and looked to find that there was no one there.

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    Squirrel Man Guest


    In 1973 I worked for the City Of Atlanta and was assigned to fillin at Station #3 on Marietta Street. It was built before the turn of the century and had the ghost of an Opera singer that was murdered in the alley next to the fire station sharing the quarters. I was on watch from 0130 to 0430 when I heard someone walking on the side walk out side the closed bay door, foot traffic was unusual for this part of town and especially this time of night. I jumped up from the watch desk and looked out the bay window and got a glimps of a mans head and shoulders, as he moved down the street in front of the station. I pulled open the front door and no one was there. I ran to the corner of the station and looked down the alley. Still no one was there. I had a clear view down the well lit street and alley. No-one was there. Needless to say, I did not need to pull my relife man and happily did not return to #3.

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    I personally haven't had any experiences but some of the guys at the firehouse have. One of them claims that the meeting room in the firehouse is haunted because when we had our only line of duty death to date the room was made into the memorial meeting room in our fallen brothers honor. Our fallen brothers turnout gear was put into a glass case on the wall and ever since according to some of the guys footsteps can be heard in the room when you know that nobody is up there. Also our air dump on one of our old tankers that we used to have liked to open up all by itself. The air on the apparatus was always up because the truck was always plugged in.

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    ffdrew Guest


    our firehouse hauntings has alot in common with the rest of these ,the oldfashion firehouse was built in 1903, and in 1940 we lost one of our brothers, , he fell off the engine , died 3 days later, still to this day we know hes there, whats bugs me is the laughting sounds, footsteps, banging on the walls, we have all the rest , lights on and off, toilet flushes, things moved. and cold brezzes even when the heats on , but we are glad hes around , as long as he doesnt show his apearance, we welcome him , hes our full time guard. our volunteer dept has alot of history , but this tops it all .
    ff drew
    richmond vol fire co
    richmond town ny

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    emvfdff23 Guest

    Red face

    to get off the firehouse subject i will mention that Vol. Ambulance Squads can be haunted too! For approx. 2 months, strange things have happened in our squad. TV changing channels with no one near the remote, the thermostat getting turned up to 75 degrees, hearing footsteps, hearing voices, the ladies bedroom being extremely cold (with heat), shadows near the rigs etc etc. We notice we have 2 ghosts,1 seems be a hell raiser and the other one is calm. The hellraiser seems to act up everytime the other one is not around, but the calm one shows up the hellraiser quits its BS!Our building is new(early 90's), but the squad its self is old. Charter members have passed on, people have died in the rigs so on so on. We did find out that the present location the squad is at used to be a dance hall/hotel/livery back in the 1800's, so whats that tell ya. They were definitly hell raisers back then. Keep up the stories. Sincerely & Firematically
    Evans Mills Ambulance
    Evans Mills VFD

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    dcfdlt Guest


    Sonny = very funny
    Andrew from South Amboy, NJ ... Good thing you're an EMS guy and not part of the Perth Amboy F.D. They have to be one of the worst Fire Departments I've seen, next to some of the Washington State yo-yo's. I don't know if Perth Amboy has any ghosts, but it probably has a few guys rolling over in their graves after a few of their fiascos of the last couple of years. Man they get some work. Too bad they put 3-5 guys inside on every fire while keeping every other department on the street while the building burns down. I guess the chiefs are clueless.

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    eCappy Guest

    Red face

    Here's a follow-up to my above message: Last night another member and I were alone in the firehouse going over some fund raising materials.

    Suddenly - in just an instant - it got freezing cold and then we heard talking in the engine room. We went to look, saw nobody, but there was an odd odor in the air.

    We broke out the thermal imager, and sure enough - footprints, barefoot footprints on the floor; and handprints on the engine.

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    One13Truck Guest


    DAMA!!! Still wish I had stories to share about this one!!! I did start my own topic for Haunted calls though if anybody would like to post on that (since this is for fire/ems houses and not any buildings where calls are at).

    Edwardsville Emergency Services, Station 10
    We came, we saw, WE KICKED IT'S *****!!!

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    hot DAMN Guest


    Originally posted by Sonny Sampson:

    I recently did a ride-along with Kentland 33 in PG County. The fellas there told me that the station is haunted by paid-men ghosts of the past.
    At night they say you can hear whinning and crying coming from the old watch desk. Also they said you can hear loud snoring from the day room in the middle of the afternoon, near the couches that they used to lay around on all day...but nobody is ever there.
    Its a spooky place...but they say the ghosts a without a doubt better than the real thing.

    Sonny Sampson
    F/F Paramedic
    Utica, NY

    and this is why PG guys hate out-of-state ride alongs...

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    hot DAMN Guest


    Originally posted by EMSGIRL:

    Lets get back on the topic, Haunted firehouses....

    I too have heard of the strange noises that occur inside many of our firehouses.

    We have a firehouse that late at night, you can hear chains rattling at the top of the hose tower. When you turn on the light and climb the ladder to the platform at the top of the tower, nothing is there. The rumor has it that back in the 50's a probationer hung himself in the hose tower and wasn't discovered for a week.

    I can't wait to get up to Kentland to see if the ghosts of paid-men past haunt the Firehouse. Can anybody tell me who to call to get hooked-up, thanks.......Jake name is Jenn. I used to volunteer in PG co. In fact I used to run with Kentland. we were in neighboring battalions, and often ran together. Their station is in fact pretty creepy, and wouldn't be surprised if it was haunted. I don't know about the whole career men angle. Kentland is the on;y station in PG co that is still volunteer. As far as I know they have never had paid men in that station. PG co didn't get paid men until the late 70's I beleive, and Kentland prides themselves on being rhe onlt "true" volley station left. But , like I said, I could be wrong. It is a good place to go and visit. They run ALOT of calls. They are usually good about letting people from out of state ride. I can give you the info you need...if you haven't gotten it already.

    When I left Ricky Riley was chief. Don't know if he still is, if not just ask for an officer

    this is another example of why REAL PG FIREMEN hate out of staters. OF COURSE 33 used to have paid men, all stations used to until about 1996 when 4,8 and 33 lost them. I also highly doubt (no offense, just a statement of fact) that a woman was riding at 33, 46 maybe, but not 33. Those of you from out of state who want to ride at 33 or any other station that allows people to ride, ya better not get hurt, because you are not gonna be covered by any medical insurance and you would probably send what ever company you were riding with out of business. Think about that before you go....

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