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    EMSGIRL Guest


    This is to hot DAMN...

    I have never heard any station say that they didn't like having out of state ff riding at their station. In fact I think most stations like it. As for PG county always having paid men...I think you need to recheck your county history. Volunteers were there way before paid men. As for Kentland not having any female riders or any female members, I don't know ...I've been living in NC for the past year. I never rode with them, nor would I want to... I volunteered in a neighboring battalion and we often went on calls with them. You must be one of those hot shot , young , volunteers that thinks he knows everything. Thats cool, just be will get you into trouble one of these days....

    Originally posted by hot DAMN:

    this is another example of why REAL PG FIREMEN hate out of staters. OF COURSE 33 used to have paid men, all stations used to until about 1996 when 4,8 and 33 lost them. I also highly doubt (no offense, just a statement of fact) that a woman was riding at 33, 46 maybe, but not 33. Those of you from out of state who want to ride at 33 or any other station that allows people to ride, ya better not get hurt, because you are not gonna be covered by any medical insurance and you would probably send what ever company you were riding with out of business. Think about that before you go....

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    firehat87 Guest

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    Hey hothead, or whatever your name is, let's not get this thread closed because you are being a jerk. There was no need to go off like that. I have never been to PG County, but if I were to ride, it sure wouldn't be with your company. Whatever happened to the warm reception to the visiting fireman, or, as the case my be, woman? Now this is a cool thread, let's get back on topic.

    Be safe.

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    One13Truck Guest


    hot DAMN,

    All I've heard from PG was "stop in next time you drive through" when they have heard I occasionally pass through the area in my travels... Why act like that??? Seems a little immature to me... But anyway, let's forget it and get back to the REAL topic here...

    Edwardsville Emergency Services, Station 10
    We came, we saw, WE KICKED IT'S *****!!!

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    Ford45 Guest


    HAUNTED FIREHOUSES---Just a Reminder. Lata!!

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    Eng522ine Guest


    Maybe PG has ghosts that can type, their live members never seem to be at a loss for a comment so why should their dead ones be any different??? That's about the only way I can see this guy's post fitting in with the topic. By the way, this was said in jest so don't go and get offended by it

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    Ford45 Guest

    Red face

    Theres' this one station in the lower part of the county that just freaks me out to go any where near it. Once I finally did, i promised my self i wouldn't again. The place deffinaltly has more than one spook in there. Found out later that one guy fell off a truck, one died of a heart attack, and one in his sleep. all in the same year.

    Newtown Fire Association
    Station 45

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    MadDog2020 Guest


    To Emsgirl, In Prince Georges County the paidmen started in 1966 when then the charter went into effect. Station 33 lost there paidmen in 1995 and will not have them return again.I don't know where you were ridding but you should have known when the paid men left the 3 stations becauce it was the talk of the County.

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    pfr172 Guest

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    Where in the topic of this thread did you see PG written? Lets cut the PG crap and get on with this thread. There have been way too many threads closed already. By the way, how did we get from haunted firehouses to PG county?

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