Is the paint chipping off of your leather helmet? Is there no paint left on your helmet? With todays outrageous prices and delivery times why not add some life the the pride you wear atop your head every time the bell rings. It getting hard to keep tradition when you order a new helmet and they have made another major change to the style. Who wants those ugly green glowing things around thier helmet, And those new eagle front holders that make your front look wierd? What happened to the old yellow reflectors that get smoked up on the first job and the maltese "FD" front holders that give your helmet the "BIG CITY" look.
Now for less then half the price of a new helmet you can completely re-furb your helmet and add quite a few more years of service to it.
Move up in rank? Forget buying a new helmet, we'll paint your old one any color.
We also do major repairs. Missing some leather? Need your brim straightened?
No job is too small!

Emial for questions, comments, prices, orders. Stay Safe!